1 September 2011

Danish Food

♬ Jackson Love Playlist

 Smørrebrød at Café Halvvejen

This was lunch on my last day, and these open sandwiches were very filling. I did hesitate at first, because back at home I am so used to filling as much as I can in between two slices of bread.

On this plate:
Fresh prawns and boiled eggs with lettuce

Chicken mayonnaise salad with crispy bacon and lettuce

Chunky ham with crispy fried onions, cheese and a gherkin that looked like an octopus.

Popcorn move over, these sugar coated almonds will kick your kernals!

After lunch I had to have something sweet, it's just what I'm used to! So we walked past Agnes Cupcakes and I knew I had to take a bite out of something in there.

Italian Almond Cupcake
 Oh! this is like your ultimate fantasy covered in cherry flavoured cream cheese frosting. I love how food can ignite your taste buds, into thinking that nothing else can beat the taste when you find something like this.

Black and White Cupcake

Opposites do attract, the rich chocolate sponge is covered in white chocolate ganache.

Check them out and find out what covering will make you dizzy...


Would I go back to Copenhagen?


Hopefully I will have a table at Noma too :)

Favourite Song:

ê 'Blame It On The Boogie' By Jackson 5