11 September 2011

Harvest at Jimmy's 2011


♬'Twelve Stops and Home' By The Feeling

My eyes were dilated for about ten hours this Saturday, because the food around me was beyond beautiful.

Extravagant start, but its true! I am talking about my wonderful day eating and more eating, at Jimmy Doherty's farm in Suffolk.

Jimmy is a friend of chef Jamie Oliver; they both went to school at Newport Free Grammar School.

Jamie loves food, Jimmy likes pigs.

Jimmy got himself a farm, and set up The Essex Pig Company. He struggled with this, and for a while was laughed at, because of his lack of farming experience.

After hard work and solid support he made the farm into a loving place, where all the family can come for a great day out. The farm has transformed and become incredibly successful.

So look who's laughing now!

This year Harvest at Jimmy’s was so much fun! Music was really good, was slightly disappointed with Eliza Doolittle; but The Feeling stole the stage. The majority of the crowd were jumping with full bellies, that's how good they were!

Here are a few pictures of my Saturday pig out:

Cherry Bakewells and Brownies from Lilly Vanilli 


Entered the tropical butterfly house, and got a close up of this beauty.
I love mangoes.

Mmmm sausages cooked in wine and onions.

Restaurant critic Jay Rayner with Ravinder Bhogal.
I did actually...look down!

Sausages and mash, Jimmy style.

My brother ordered Eton Mess for pudding...I am not a fan.
For me, it looks too messy.


With great food comes great music and that is why I LOVE FESTIVALS.

Favourite Song:

ê 'Sewn' By The Feeling (crowd jumping song)