1 September 2011

Mad Food Fest

Mad means food in Danish and this festival was exactly that. 

The festival was hosted by chef René Redzepi, who is the co owner of Noma, the worlds best restaurant.

I have been trying to make a booking and every single day this year is booked. My best bet is to keep on trying, and fingers crossed some lucky guy will be dining with me in 2014.

This wasn't your average food festival, there were farmers, high quality fresh ingredients from the sea and other parts of Europe. Also workshops on soil quality, grazing livestock, and much more from passionate foodies who care about the treatment and growth of food, rather than the price of it.

What I saw, and some things I tasted at the festival:

♬ Jackson Love Playlist

Rye bread with milk. At first I thought it was mashed up apple crumble!

Different types of carrots and turnips:


Pumpkin and macaroon soup with crumbled meringue and coriander. I took 2 pots!

 Mushroom Studies

Artichokes looking pretty

Food story board

Purple Haze carrots being ladylike.

I didn't eat this

Yellow Beetroot, tasted very sweet. Can be used raw in salads and stews.

My Sunday Lunch

Chicken in blueberry sauce with sweet and savoury mashed potato and gravy.

I napped for about 4 hours after this, that's the sign of a good lunch!

Seaweed tasting...felt a bit wrong after..

For pudding...edible flowers 

White Chrysanthemum

 Purple Salvia Officinalis

Favourite Song

ê 'Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)' By Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.