1 September 2011

Mushroom and Spinach Curry

I saw mushrooms in Benedicte's fridge while the chicken curry was on simmer, and had some spinach left over, so combined both to make this delicious side dish.

Jackson Love Playlist

▶  Serves 4


6 large chestnut mushroom cut in chunks
Half a bag of spinach chopped
1 tbsp water
Half tsp turmeric
Half tsp paprika
Season with salt
Half tsp chilli powder
Half tsp ground cumin
1 tsp of that blend from 'Mita's Quickie Chicken Curry'


veg oil in pan
spinach all at once, covering all over the mushrooms until it reduces

Simmer until mushrooms are done

Serve straight away

Next Time

I might try a mixture of different mushrooms

Favourite Song

Really difficult to choose a favourite from the Jackson playlist, but this song was the first thing I listenened to this morning...

ê 'Rockin' Robin' By Michael Jackson