4 October 2011

Bacon Bread

Yesterday was the last day of sunshine here in the UK, my cycle to work this morning gave me an insight into what October is really supposed to look and feel like. 

I really wanted a hot October so I could celebrate my birthday on a beach eating Ferrero Rocher ice cream. Oh well at least last weekend was warm, this cute and uplifting playlist was enjoyed by friends and family while hanging out in the sun.

Walking on Sunshine in October Playlist:

'Let The Sunshine' By Labrinth
'Walking On Sunshine' By Katrina & The Waves
'Gold' By Spandau Ballet
'Sunchyme' By Dario G
'Electric Feel' BY MGMT
'The Only Way' By Gotye
'Rose Mary Stretch'By Pepper Rabbit
'Shine A Light' By Mc Fly and Taio Cruz
'Ain't No Sunshine' By Michael Jackson

Moving on to the main attraction:


Bacon is great, don't you think? I recently came across a blog that dedicated EVERY recipe to bacon, crazy but true. 

I won't go that far but thought adding bacon to bread might be interesting!


Crusty White Seeded Bread Mix
4 rashers of bacon, fried and chopped.
300ml water
Vegetable oil on hands to knead bread

: Combine fried bacon to bread mixture, add water and knead for 10 minutes until smooth. 

Leave in a bowl, cover with damp cloth in a warm area of the kitchen for 1 hour.

When it has doubled in size, knead for 2 more minutes and put in the oven.

Bake for 30 minutes at 190°c, until loaf is golden brown on top and hard at the base.

If you make this bread be sure to eat it on the same day or make into small buns for a party.

This bread won't be as quick as the standard bacon sandwich with HP sauce but will be just as tasty. 

Serve with beans, egg or maybe marmalade?

Next Time:
Small buns all the way! OR use  700g bread flour, 1 packet of dried yeast and 330ml water.

Favourite Song:

I'm starting to dread this part because I love all the songs above! What's your favourite song? Today I am going for....

ê 'Electric Feel' By MGMT

Have a great day.x