5 October 2011

Soul Food

Tonight was all about the MOBO awards: so how did I manage to miss ALL of it? 

This photo is the reason!I was too busy cooking and enjoying my playlist: and by the time I could sit down and watch TV, the award show was over.


♬ MOBO Playlist:

'Water Runs Dry' By Boys II Men
'The Calling' By Kairos4tet
'Tease Me Baby' By Wizkid
'Camilia' By
'Raining Men' By Rihanna Featuring Nicky Minaj
'Simply Unstoppable' By Tinie Tempah
'Storyboard' By Triple O
'Who's Laughing Now' By Jessie J
'Spaceship' By Dappy and Tinchy Stryder
'End Of The Road' By Boys II Men

Serves 2


1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp sage
1 fresh lime
1 tbsp olive oil
6 vine tomatoes
1 orange pepper
2 large chicken breasts
Half a can of  drained black eyed beans
Baby corn
Sugar snap peas
Half an onion 
Half a tsp salt
1 clove of garlic
100g raw spinach


Preheat oven 180°c

In a medium pie dish add the sugar snap peas and chop the baby corn.
: Next dice the onion and pepper, chop the chicken in bite size chunks and cut the tomatoes in half. 
: Then add all this in the dish and squeeze the lime over everything,
: Crush the garlic clove and add this to the dish with all the spices.
: Using your hand marinade the chicken and vegetables.
: Add the olive oil and season.

;In the oven for 30 minutes until chicken is tender.

< Serve with rice or just on its own is fine too, the sauce tasted so good. You have to taste it to believe it.

Next Time:
Okra is getting involved.

Favourite Song:

ê 'End Of The Road' By Boys II Men

1. A song to sing out loud with friends in a car
2. Or in the kitchen using the whisk as a microphone.

I totally do the second one.