12 October 2011

Chocolate Fridge Cake

No BAKED cake today only a refrigerated block of beauty.

P.S it takes 4 hours to chill.

The recipe was inspired by Konditor and Cooks 'Chocolate Biscuit Cake' but I put my own spin on it.

Chocolate week is turning out to be quite magical, next week is baking week then after that Diwali and after that Halloween. I'm rubbing my forehead while re- reading what I just typed.

In the space that I was preparing this beautiful yet strange looking cake Aqualung was being played. Chosen because they create such a peaceful and heartbreaking atmosphere, and I had 4 hours to wait...

'Aqualung' By Aqualung (2002)

10 thick slices


100g Divine dark chocolate, minimum 70% cocoa (3 oz)
100g Montezuma's dark chili chocolate (3 oz)
50g Green and Black's Dark Chocolate with Ginger (1.8 oz)
75g maple syrup (3 oz)
125g soft unsalted butter (4.5 oz)
1 medium egg
50g hazelnuts chopped in half (2 oz)
50g digestive biscuits broken in large chunks (2 oz)
50g dried soft apricots ( 2 oz)
50g glaced cherries, and keep a few to decorate. (2 oz)


Line a small loaf tin with greaseproof paper.
: Melt the chocolate in a bowl over hot water.
: Add the butter and wait for it to melt.
: Add the syrup and the egg.
: Beat everything slowly and make sure the bowl is still over heat. Do this for about 2 minutes.
: In a separate bowl add the nuts, biscuits and fruit.
: Pour the chocolate mixture over the dried ingredients and stir.
: It's ready to go in the tin! Put a few cherries on top and leave in the fridge for 4 hours.

< A great cake to make the night before a party, and can stay in the fridge for a week.

Next Time:
I think I could make this vegan friendly by using soy margarine, soy milk and vegan chocolate.

Favourite Song:

ê 'Strange and Beautiful' By Aqualung