25 October 2011

Biscuit and Yoghurt Pots

'New York A New Mix Odyssey 2' By Armand Van Helden

I am illin it and feelin it so needed a quick treat and upbeat album to keep me going, the rest of the week is going to be incredibly busy with Diwali tomorrow and Halloween over the weekend.

This pudding is cheap, really quick to put together and can look very fancy.

You need empty dessert containers from cheesecakes or mousses, you know the ones you might keep for some strange reason? Well now you can put them to use! 

Serves 2 (2 digestives per person)


4 digestives
Low fat black cherry yoghurt
Fruit of your choice
Lemon curd or honey.
20g butter
1 tsp caster sugar


: Crush the digestives with your hands or in a blender.
: Rub in the butter and sugar.
: Press down in the containers and put a teaspoon of lemon curd or honey on top.
: Spoon a generous amount of yoghurt in each container.
: Top with fruit and refrigerate.

The container at the front of the photo looks like it has more biscuit than yoghurt - this is not the case! I should have positioned them better, I wish I could take another photo but both are gone!

Next Time:
I will make loads of these for the next party I cater for and use a variety of fruits and yoghurts.

Favourite Song:

ê 'Shake That Ass' By Armand Van Helden and Team Facelift.

Enjoy the rest of your day and let me know if you give this a try.x