31 October 2011

Thriller Night


Scary and frightful day and evening? Yes me too.

I wanted to blog this morning then in the afternoon, and now at 11.30pm I am gutted and really wish I had an Ipad.

There has been a slight reduction with my blogging obsession and I think this way ......

Sorry have to cut off and tell you that I can hear my housemates singing Elton John's 'don't go breaking my heart'. And let me tell you it's breaking my heart, headphones are going in.

Going back to my point about blogging -  I have found three to four recipes a week work better than 2 a day. This way I don't write crap and the recipe's that do go up can be of better quality.

This is the playlist I had been listening to today while cooking. I know it is probably too late to play this now but maybe on your next fright night?

'Thriller' By Michael Jackson
'Cry Little Sister' By G Tom Mac
'Claudia's Aleegro Agitato' By Jonathon Sheffer
'Scent Of Death' By Jonathon Sheffer
'The Hunters Prelude' By Anton Coppola
'Love Song For A Vampire' By Annie Lennox
'Introduction To Edward Scissorhands' By Shirley Walker
'Storytime to Edwatd Scissorhands' By Shirley Walker
'I Put A Spell On You' By Nina Simone
'Rod Hanged/ Night Stalking (Nightmare on Elm Street)' By Charles Bernstein
'Terror In The Tub (Nightmare on Elm Street' By Charles Bernstein
'Tubular Bells' By Mike Oldfield
'Thirteen O Clock' By Various Artists from The Labyrinth Soundtrack
'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' By Nerf Herder

Lots of cooking and baking covered today, check out the recipes in this category so you can get ideas for next Halloween.