10 November 2011

Black Spaghetti with Chilli and Coriander Prawns

Playlist to enjoy while preparing this dish, available on Spotify.

'Silver Shadow' By Atlantic Starr
'Just A Step From Heaven' By Eternal
'When Doves Cry Prince' By Prince
'(We Want) The Same Thing' By Belinda Carlisle
'Your Woman' By White Town
'Pray' By Take That
'Feel' By Robbie Williams
'Smooth Operator' By Sade
'Rhythm Is A Dancer' By Snap!
'Inner Smile' By Texas

There is a pressure cooking for other people, "what to cook? say if someone doesn't eat?" and loads of other thoughts come up; but I find by adapting a simple recipe than trying to create a high end restaurant looking dish will work better.
Last  night it was a full moon and I was a bit scared about how the night would unfold. I wanted to cook a simple recipe but make it look really dark, I was cooking for a person who likes monsters and has creative thoughts into the unknown world of magic. My immediate reaction was to use my expensive black spaghetti.
£5.95 for a packet of this! I remember my palms being a bit sweaty when I handed over my card thinking 'no going back now it would be too embarrassing, just buy it and save it for a special occasion or next halloween'.

All worth it - main course a success! Try it out and impress your friends -  if you don't have black pasta you can use tricolore pasta.



Black Spaghetti from most Italian shops or speciality section of supermarket.
1 can of chopped tomatoes (400g)
400g cooked and peeled prawns
Fresh Coriander
Medium red chilli
Fresh spinach 260g
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp chilli flakes
1 tsp garam masala
Olive oil


: Bring water to the boil in a large pot and get the spaghetti going.
: Meanwhile finely chop a small bunch of coriander and fresh chilli, marinade the prawns with a drop of olive oil and refrigerate.
: Next add a drop of olive oil to another pot with the chilli flakes, garam masala and turmeric.
: Add the can of tomatoes then fill halway with water and also pour this back in.
: The spinach can go into the sauce in batches, this way it can reduce slowly. Simmer and season.
: Drain pasta once you have tasted it, then put back into the pot.
: Tip in the sauce and prawns.
: Cook for another 5 minutes then serve immediately with cheese and salad.

Favourite Song:

ê ' When Doves Cry' By Prince