25 November 2011

Cookbooks and Albums

A long week of cooking, meetings, heartache, laughter and about 8 bars of Green and Blacks chocolate consumed.

First let me update you with my back stage visit to see Rihanna. The eyes can be seen from a mile because they were striking  - out of this world! The people behind her know how to throw a wicked performance and the dancers lifted the energy and made the night to be honest.  I don't want to reveal anymore some things are best kept quiet! However my thoughts about celebrity life were put into perspective, imagine having to be told what, when, how and why. Bollocks to that, I prefer deciding what I wear, cook, eat and who I talk to! Well I do need help with hair and make up every now and then so a M.U.A* would be handy!

No more X factor loving for me, now I've seen what happens behind the scenes, makes me happy I have a 9-5 job and pursuing what I love. Bryan Adams got it spot on....'Write your own music and try and play live as much as you can!'

Back to Mita's world...

A cute idea:

MixitCookit this Christmas with a fun cookbook accompanied with an album. I know, why didn't you think of this earlier?!

Receiving a cookbook from someone doesn't mean there is a hint that you can't crack an egg...unless that's the title! 
Cookbooks act as guides and inspiration to try a recipe or idea that you haven't done before, and of course music in the kitchen while cooking is always necessary. 

Here are my selections:

Gorgeous Cakes by Annie Bell with Coldplay's 'Mylo Xyloto'.

This was my first cake book and I use it now and again for reference. If you know someone who wants to keep it simple and wants to bake the perfect Victoria sponge or marble cake you are onto a winner, and maybe a kiss under the mistletoe. 
Coldplay's new album is relaxing, upbeat and in general easy listening while whisking and decorating any cake.

êFavourite Recipe 'Kiddies' Dream Tray Bake'.
êFavourite Song 'Paradise'.

The Modern Baker By Nick Malgieri with 'Monday Monday' By The Mamas and Papas.

A book that made me say 'no way that cake is not real', found the recipe and cha ching - sold. Someone try the raspberry cream cake or even better, bake it for Christmas. This is a pretty book to have open in the kitchen, and 'perfect' in this book is not overused. Trust me, whoever receives it will fall in love with their oven. 
Combine this with a great compilation album that deserves full volume while baking and a 60s dance!

êFavourite Recipe 'Blueberry Crumble Pie'.
êFavourite Song 'California Dreamin'.

Fish Cook By Aldo Zilli with 'Silent Alarm' By Bloc Party.

Sloppy fish that needs to be on our plates a lot more, well other types apart from cod! Aldo educates and shows how to clean and prepare all sorts of sealife. A resourceful guide for those who love to eat fish but a bit scared of touching it. 
Bloc Party rocks! They are a great distraction if cleaning fish is something you don't want to focus on. 
êFavourite Recipe 'Monkfish wrapped in Parma Ham'
êFavourite Song 'This Modern Love'

Here he is.. our mate the naked chef.

Jamie's 30 Minute Meals with 'Queen The Platinum Collection'.

Right this book is perfect for anyone who has all the mod cons in their kitchen. I tried making three courses from this book with Jenna and it took us about an hour. I think unless you are Jamie - anything can take you 30 minutes. Imagine Queen blasting in the kitchen while trying to make a 30 minute mushroom risotto? Suggest to the lucky person that gets this to cook 3 courses to the first 8 tracks from cd 1! Either way a cookbook that is user friendly, basic and each recipe is stripped down to make it super easy.

êFavourite Recipe

Mustard chicken, quick dauphinoise, greens and black forest affogato.

êFavourite Song

'Somebody To Love'.

Green and Black's Chocolate Recipes with '4' By Beyonce

This is the ultimate chocolate book with most of my pages smeared with chocolate stains because I have tried nearly every recipe. I spent a fortune on Green and Black's chocolate bars while cooking from this book but all worth it. The history and photography is exquisite! This will be hard to wrap up for Christmas you might just want to peek at those images again...
As for Beyonce this lady needs no review or introduction, you can't get bigger, better or more beautiful. Enjoy eating chocolate while bouncing to these tunes!

êFavourite Recipe 'Chocolate Mousse Cake'.

êFavourite Song 'End Of Time'.

Gordon Ramsey's Great Escape with 'The Best Of Asha Bhosle'

Gordon travels around India and there is no sign of the F word! I am not ashamed to type that sometimes I use this book for inspiration,  coming from an indian background does not mean I know how to cook every curry under the sun. In here you will find refreshing and healthy curries which won't let anyone down.
Indian recipe book with Indian tunes of course! Asha Bhosle is the queen of Bollywood music, enjoy her voice over the sizzling noise of mustard seeds popping.

êFavourite Recipe 'Pomegranate and mint raita'.
êFavourite Song 'Chura Liya'.

I have to end with my bible.

The Flavour Thesaurus by Nick Segnit with 'Ceremonials' By Florence and the Machine.

A great present for the adventurous and keen cook that has a streak of Heston Blumenthal and a touch of Ravinder Bhogal. Any ingredient you can think of is in this book with a random pairing which work well in a recipe. For example ever tried avocado and mango in a salad? Or rhubarb with black pudding? Pair this with Florence Welch's new album and wrap with care.

êFavourite Pairing 'Soft cheese and blackcurrant'.
êFavourite Song 'Only If For A Night'.

Let me know about other books and albums that would work well together, enjoy and happy Christmas shopping!

*Make Up Artist.