6 November 2011

Regain Your Inspiration to Cook

This is new for the blog, something that has taken me ages to figure out, and glad the light bulb in my head has finally been switched on!

This all came about by a phone call I just had from a friend who said 'just in Sainsbury's and need to shop for the week, any inspiration about what I can prepare in 20 minutes?' and it hit me this is what some people do - I do! Shopping to prepare for the week ahead because maybe some of us don't have time after a long day to run out and buy specific ingredients.

Some households cook the same sort of dishes every other week, and this can fit into a regular routine especially if you have a family, it is difficult to come up with a new meal everyday. Even on this blog I cook a lot of pasta and curry dishes because that is what I feel comfortable with.

I have years of experience cooking for families so this will be real and honest, and trust me I know how hard it is to feed children.

Cooking for one comes naturally and cooking for two is something I am getting used to.

Some ingredients need to be prepared and ready to take out the cupboard/fridge or freezer and ready to cook, and I am the person to help and hopefully not mess your dinner time.

When a Sunday allows  I will start adding recipes, shopping lists and meal ideas.

Send your meal ideas to mixitcookit@hotmail.com, you never know you could be an inspiration to help others.

Most of these meal ideas won't have pictures, and that doesn't mean it won't work or look nice, trust yourself to see what you can create and post your thoughts.

I really think this part of the blog could do well and could open up discussions and ideas from anyone that comes across the site (fingers crossed), if it doesn't I might stop eating.