7 November 2011

The Voice Within

Don't worry I am not going to showcase my Mariah Carey voice!

I don't think you are getting enough of the real me through this blog. 

Time you knew a bit more, then I will get back to recipes.

In no particular order:

1. I mess up the first time I try and cook something, when I don't try I am amazing.
2. Occasionally I crash into things on my bike because I daydream about meeting the love of my life.
3. The only time I don't smile back is when I am practising Bikramyoga - I pay a lot of money to be there so I like looking and smiling at myself. 
4. I am investing a lot of time and money in this blog and scared if it is worth it.
5. My job lets me buy expensive skin care and nice food but I have no workmates. So this years Christmas party will be the same as last years -in front of the T.V.

6. At first I would cook for the blog, but I believe this is an easy habit most bloggers can get into: to try and get more traffic and followers.
7. This is just a blog. That's all.
8. Someone stole the lights from my bike tonight and I ate a whole lot of comfort food for dinner.
9. I used to care about the lack of comments and followers, but now I don't take notice and will continue as I am.
10. I will keep on cooking and if it looks pretty I will dress it up prettier, and blog about it.

11. Getting asked out in the daytime comes as a shock to me every single time and I tend to ask if the guy is feeling O.K. Mentioning this does not mean I am big headed: I am vain.
12. I hold a fork in my right hand.
13. My degree was in psychology and I got a third, I wish I pursued drama and food technology.
14. I believe in taking risks and not looking back.
15. Always the last one to know about a new song or album..however this is slowly changing.

16. I don't want to be the next Nigella Lawson, I am not the next anyone.
17. Gordon Ramsey doesn't scare me, my uncle does.
18. My awful use of grammar worries me.
19. Balancing shopping bags on my bike makes me a hazard in London.
20. I can't deny my love for Tesco, the reduced shelf makes my freezer shelf look healthy.

21. I cook, listen, upload and blog because what you see is my passion and I love it.