13 December 2011

Baileys Chocolate Roulade

'The A Team' By Ed Sheeran

I am hooked on this album at the moment, it makes me nod my head and attempt to sing like Ed but I sound awful. Cooking rocks but if I could sing...the possibilities!

Something you would want to get your hands into...

Another Baileys invention that is worth trying at Christmas, or whenever you want!

I wasn't sure if this was a swiss roll, yule log or roulade. After careful research and a lot of Mary Berry books I found out that:

Swiss roll - sponge cake roll that uses proportionate amounts of each ingredient.
Roulade - This sponge uses more eggs and less flour for a moist sponge and does not have much of a roll, it can be filled with cream and chunkier ingredients.
Yule log - Christmas swiss roll shaped like a log with decorative trimmings.



 2 Bailey mini bottles (approx 3.38 fl oz each)
150g Green and Black's dark cooking chocolate (5.3 oz) 
50g cocoa powder or pure cocoa grated (1 ¾ oz)
4 large eggs
65g self raising flour (2.23 oz)
100g caster sugar (3.52 oz)
284ml double cream (9.603 fl oz)


Preheat oven to 200°c, lightly butter a 33 x 23cm swiss roll tin and line with greaseproof paper.

: Whisk the eggs and sugar until pale yellow.
                        : Sieve the flour and cocoa in the mixture.
: Fold everything in this bowl and add one Baileys mini.
: Pour this mixture into the lined swiss roll tin and bake for 10 minutes.
: Once the sponge springs back and is shrinking from the sides, take out to cool.
: Flip over on top of another similar sized greaseproof paper, and peel away the base paper.
: Whisk the double cream with a Baileys mini.
: Once sponge is cool to touch, spread the cream half a cm from the edges.
: Using the paper underneath, roll the sponge with one hand pushing the paper away and the other peeling the paper off.
: Wish I had a video to show you (will look into this!) 
Mine cracked a bit but this doesn't matter too much for a roulade.

: Melt 150g chocolate in bowl over boiling water and pour over the roulade.

There is something oh so delicious about Baileys whipped cream in a cake, try this recipe to see and taste what I am going on about!

I am baked out, goodnight!