17 December 2011

Chestnut, Cranberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake

'Rocket Man' By Elton John

One of my beautiful cousins sang this to me, and everything turned fuzzy around me because her voice was sweeter than any cake I had ever baked. I'm getting that Christmas feeling of wanting to rush back home and hang out with the family!

Moving on to why you are really reading this!

The most easiest, quickest, hassle free cheesecake imaginable this Christmas. 
Make on the 24th and I bet Santa Claus would choose this over the mince pie! 
This went down very well last night (hence half of it gone) I was tempted to have a slice this morning, don't worry I chose warm lovely porridge.

Recipe for this angelic cheesecake.


200g Milky bar blocks
- Look I couldn't afford Green and Black's, food is getting expensive and I'm feeling the crunch!
600g Philadelphia cream cheese
50g caster sugar
300ml double cream
250g digestives
20g soft butter
1 tbsp chestnut puree
Ocean spray cranberry sauce


: Blend the biscuits until fine or bash them in a plastic bag with a rolling pin. 
: Melt the butter and add with the biscuits, stir in the chestnut puree. Consistency should be slightly sticky and crumbly, if you rub a bit between your fingers it should feel soft.
: Press this mixture down in a 20cm diameter cake tin with removable sides, put to one side.
: Melt the white chocolate, meanwhile whisk the cream cheese and sugar.
: Add the double cream and lastly the melted chocolate.
: Spread half of the mixture on the biscuit base, then use a teaspoon and randomly add dollops of cranberry sauce.
: Spread the rest of the mixture on top.
: Chill overnight or for 8 hours.
: Decorate with dried cranberries when ready to serve. If you don't like dried fruits use fresh cranberries OR warm 2 large tablespoons of cranberry sauce and drizzle over the top, why didn't I do that!

At a very low cost you have made a fancy festive cheesecake.

It's all about using what you already have!

Have a great weekend.xx

Favourite Song:

ê 'Your Song' By Elton John