29 December 2011

Food For Thought

These were available in the U.K for a while during 2003, I loved receiving a pack for Christmas!

♬ 'Progress' By Take That

This part of the blog is where you find out a bit more and I ask a few questions to know your thoughts on the topic.
There won't be 21 facts about me with a fancy picture, need to get a few foodie thoughts off my chest about how this year is coming to an end, how far the blog has come and the next steps.

I started the blog in March 2010 and since then everything has been flipped upside down!  Writing for The Independent, working for Eat Me magazine, being featured in two popular food magazines, working with Aldo Zilli and tried having my own column have been achievements that I am very proud of. 
Blogging has been an essential tool, all the reviews and delicious dishes have been a journey and a platform for trying out what I would like to do in the food industry.

The question has now come up.. how can someone in food without a chef qualification make it big?

Reality Shows

Masterchef, The Great British Bake Off, The Cooking School and many others have created a stage for undiscovered talent. A great channel for those who want to show off their skills and passion. For the past  3 months I have been filming my own videos and a new show. Where this will go I don't know, however you don't know until you try. Staring at a lens was strange for a while but now I am a natural! Three years ago I could hardly talk and look at a camera without getting shy. Confidence has grown and after more practice will grow even more.


What I see in the cooking section of a bookshop covers anything and everything. A blog can become a book if the publisher thinks there is an audience. This is why I am now thinking about my first and second book and how MixitCookit can have a long shelf life. The blog attracts loads of people and honestly I am targeting anyone who wants to cook but cannot be inspired. 

Cafe/Restaurant Business

If money is flowing in nicely or an investor comes along and likes your concept then this is the ultimate goal for any food blogger - just ask any of them! Owning your own business then feeding people dishes that you have decided and watching them come back for more. Pure bliss.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, My Space, Podcasts and SB.TV are all avenues that I am using and abusing in order to increase my profile, and let me tell you I want a p.a! Totally in need of some sexy frames because my eyes are fixated on a computer screen. The world wide web is definitely the place to be. 

Do you think food bloggers have a chance to fuel their cooking goals just like chefs? Clearly chefs are taken more seriously because of the qualifications and experience behind them. 

What I'm getting at is I don't want to be like 'Flipz' in the U.K - been and gone, yesterdays news. Like any industry, food is competitive and to shine and make TV or open your own restaurants you need a following and networking is key.
The food you make has to be amazing, not great or o.k - amazing.

My style of cooking was very much influenced by my grandma, mum and the only cookbook in the house - and the book didn't even sit in the kitchen:

Look how random the cover is, this is me all over, starting in the left top corner should be my black spaghetti, next to that Baileys cake.
Second row my banana and cherry loaf and chicken curry.
Last row my honey and lemon chicken soup and trifle.

I used this book in my food technology classes at school and that's why my dishes were always looking original and presentation was quirky. Still the case today really, what you see on the blog could look confusing or scrumptious.

Strange to think this was the only book in the house, my mum learnt from her mum and she learnt from hers because that's what was expected of women in past generations. If you could cook then you are able to feed and look after your family.

Basically as the year draws to an end this weekend I have to get my business cap on and next year do more to put myself out there. Throw myself in situations and see what I can handle and what I can't.

Passion and action are the key ingredients in 2012...and less chocolate.

Email mita@mixitcookit.com with your opinion if you don't want to post on the blog.

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