9 December 2011

Ginger Chicken with Parmesan, Pomegranate, Spinach and Walnuts.

LOVE-ING Mariah today..

'Emotions' By Mariah Carey

Breakfast was amazing but lunch needs to be off the hook!

This week has made me realise I need to fix up because signs of 27 have started to appear.

I have to stop eating like I'm 22, when my body had the magic of not showing anything!

Depressing yes but not the end of the world. No one can stop the signs of ageing only you can slow it down.

In this salad I have only fried the chicken in ginger and chili, everything else is raw! Check out what's in and it's benefits:

Thank you to WhFoods and LiveStrong for helping me with data.

Chicken = Vitamin B12 (amazing for brain and nervous system)
Spinach = Iron (strong source of energy and helps build muscle)
Walnuts = Contain essential fatty acids.
Pomegranate  = High level of fibre which helps digestion.
Olive oil = An antioxident and is widely used as part of the Mediterranean diet.
Parmesan = High in protein
Ginger = Loads of benefits, one being immune booster.
Green chili = Excellent source of vitamin C

Recipe for one portion:


1 chicken breast chopped.
100g fresh spinach
50g fresh pomegranate seeds
Few walnuts
Olive oil
1 green large chili deseeded cut in half.
1 cm chunk ginger chopped finely.
Parmesan shavings


: Fry the ginger and chili for one minute in a bit of olive oil, add the chicken breast. Turn the heat off once chicken is slightly golden and cooked through but not over done. The texture should be juicy and tender not rubbery.
: On the serving plate lay the spinach, then walnuts on top.
: Place the chicken on top of walnuts with a slotted spoon, discard the chili and ginger in the pan. Don't worry the chicken did pick up the chili and ginger flavour.
: Sprinkle the pomegranate on top.
: Use the large slice side on a grater to create parmesan shavings.
: Drizzle with a bit more olive oil and enjoy eating and feeling great!

A few random flavours that I haven't tried before but they worked really well. Parmesan and pomegranate..mwaah!

Next Time:
If my budget allows I would like to try this with monkfish or scallops. A vegetarian option would be quorn chunks or tofu. 

Favourite Song:

ê 'Emotions' By Mariah Carey