9 December 2011

Honey Oats and Raspberry Thickie

Totally in the mood for:

'Merry Christmas II You' By Mariah Carey

This album is getting me in the mood for Christmas! Mariah looks hot on the cover, I wish I had her Santa dress. Might ebay that after this post!

Got up at 7am to make a run to the shops because I needed a quick fix, basically I am 27 and feeling it; there will be more about anti ageing foods later today.

My juicer is still in the kitchen but the amount of effort into cleaning all the parts after is something I don't want to think about on a Friday.

Try making this thickie to sort out that sleepy behaviour that the snooze button tricked you into:

Recipe for two servings:

You will need:

Hand held blender


50g rolled oats
1 large ripe banana
50g fresh raspberries
100ml natural low fat yoghurt
2 tsps organic honey
1 grapefruit


: Blend everything apart from the grapefruit.
: Use one half of the grapefruit's juice in the mixture last.

Possibly the quickest recipe on the blog, no excuse now, try try try!!!!

Serve with a dippy or poached egg and toast.

Next Time:

Dates instead of raspberries.

Favourite Song:

ê 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' By Mariah Carey