12 December 2011

Miso Noodle Soup with Turkey

Miso Miso!

From The Mighty Boosh
Performed by Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt.

"Soup Soup
Tasty Soup Soup
Spicy carrot and coriander 
Chili chowder 
Crouton Crouton 
Crunch friends in a liquid broth 
I am gespatchio Oh! 
I am a summer soup Mmmm! 
Miso Miso 
Fighting in the dojo 
Miso Miso 
Oriental Prince in the land of soup"

This 'soup crimp song' from 'The Mighty Boosh' has been stuck in my head all day, exactly what happens if I watch an episode at 8am.

Actually the song has been quite handy because it decided what my lunch would be! Another reason why I chose this soup was Gillian McKeith's Food Bible, she said that miso contains manganese and selenium which is what I am lacking at the moment.
I trust Gillian, she is a doctor and after reading her book, 'You are what you eat' I decided I am a banana.
After googling like a mad woman I tried to track down dashi stock to make miso properly. Running around shops like a nutter was not fun and I gave in and purchased a jar of organic brown rice miso paste from an expensive health shop.

Also because it's Christmas I made the soup chunky and with a bit of style by adding turkey!

The wonderful thing about miso soup is how quick and easy it is to prepare, sort of like making a cup of tea, a mug of miso or tea are perfect in winter.

Recipe for two servings.


Organic brown rice miso paste (1 tsp)
300ml water
2 medium turkey breast fillets chopped.
1 clove of garlic crushed.
Peanut oil
3 spring onions chopped.
100g dried egg noodles (was going to be ramen but for the price of a pack of these I could have got to Harrods and back on the tube)


Follow the instructions on a jar of miso please, it contains beneficial bacteria so doesn't need to be boiled for so long. My jar instructed me to add at the last minute.

: In a deep cooking pot add a drop of peanut oil and fry the garlic and turkey breast.
: Add the spring onions 
: Pour in the water once turkey breast has gone white and add the noodles.
: Simmer until noodles are soft then stir in 1 tsp of miso paste, wait for the soup to turn colour.
: Taste to check if you need to add a bit more miso paste (very strong stuff so use wisely and in small amounts)

: Dish out and top with some watercress!
Enjoy drinking and eating a healthy dish.

How do you like your miso?
With tofu?

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