20 December 2011

Nut Truffles


♬ 'A Night At The Opera' By Queen

Love Queen, another album that gets me in the festive spirit.

Oh! I have been trying to make this photo extra large because they look so good.

Read everything....then start cooking!

These truffles are so incredibly quick, you could save yourself some money this Christmas and make cute mini boxes for friends and family.

All you are looking at is chocolate ganache with a bit of butter, chilled for 3 hours then rolled round in whatever I had to use up in my cupboard.

They look so impressive I am very pleased and could frame this picture.

▶ Recipe for 26 truffles


250g Green and Black's milk chocolate
250ml double cream
50g soft butter
Green and Black's cocoa powder

Crushed pistachios (use blender)
Crushed banana chips (use blender)
Baileys (mini bottle as only used a tiny bit)
Chilli powder
Flaked almonds
Dessicated coconut


: Break chocolate into a bowl
: Bring double cream to the boil and pour over chocolate.
: Stir in the butter slowly.
: Divide mixture into three bowls, in one bowl add half a tsp of chilli powder and stir.
: In the second bowl add 2 tsps of Baileys and stir.
: In the third bowl just look at it and smile.
: Refrigerate for three hours.

: After three hours set up a plate with sieved cocoa powder, and small plates with the coverings. This will make it easy to roll.

: Using a teaspoon scoop out mixture from chocolate chili bowl and roll into ball with palms.
It might stick a bit so put a bit of cocoa powder on each palm.

: Roll 5 of the chilli chocolate balls in the pistachio.
The other 5 in the dessicated coconut.

: With the Baileys, roll 5 of the balls in flaked almonds and another 5 in banana chips.

: For the plain chocolate roll in the cocoa powder and decorate with edible gold glitter.



 Bring up to room temperature for 20 minutes then serve.

Here are some close ups of the beauties...

Chilli and Pistachio.

Chilli and coconut.

Baileys and Flaked Almonds.

Baileys and Banana Chips.

Plain Jane with a sparkle.

My Favourite?

Baileys and banana chips.

My Tip?

Use good quality chocolate and cocoa powder.
GREAT to make with kids.