20 December 2011

Oregano Roasted Vegetables with Bulgar Wheat

'A Night At The Opera' By Queen

I'm a blogging machine today, must be the festive season, I can't stop cooking.

Ever felt like putting everything in the oven and just getting on with other things?

If you are in the mood to roast vegetables before Christmas and want to stay away from rice and pasta for a while, I would suggest giving this recipe a go. While my chocolate ganache was cooling down I started to chop the vegetables and felt like giving my lunch an Italian twist.

Only takes half an hour, very satisfying and looks great!

▶ Recipe for 4 servings. 


1 small leek
4 baby beetroots
12 cherry tomatoes
8 closed cup mushrooms
Olive oil
Sea salt
Black pepper
2 small courgettes
1 large sweet pointed pepper (looks like a massive red chili)
2 tsps dried oregano

400g bulgar wheat
Fresh parsley


: Preheat the oven 200°c and drizzle olive oil on a baking tray.
: Chop all the vegetables except the tomatoes, just stab these with a fork.
: Sprinkle oregano all over the vegetables and season.
: Bake for 30 minutes, next boil kettle and pour water over bulgar wheat and also leave for 30 minutes.

Serve with parmesan and a bit more olive oil.


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