6 December 2011

Butterless Cakes

Christmas tunes here we go..

'Christmas' By Michael Bublé

Totally in the festive mood after watching a school performance of 'Oliver Twist' this morning. Only real snow, a mince pie and hand cream was missing!

As soon as I got back the oven was switched on, and I stood in front of the fridge staring at two eggs.

I couldn't be bothered to start on the mincemeat for pies or tackle a chocolate yule log, instead I winced at the lack of butter and looked at my blog for inspiration.

▶ Recipe , this mixture will fill 32 petit cases or 12 normal cupcake cases. 

Went to my jaffa cakes recipe and added a few extra ingredients:

50g raisins
1tsp cinnamon


Ready to roll white icing
Green food colouring gel
Star cookie cutter


: Add raisins and cinnamon after the flour has been sieved into the mixture.

: Use two teaspoons to fill the petit cases.

: Bake for 15 minutes.

: They cool quick, so the stars can be cut out and placed on each cute cake.

A great bake for kids actually, the cracking of the eggs, stirring, sieving and cutting makes the whole process fun! Instead of raisins cranberries or chocolate chips would work too.

When a cake contains no butter I use this as an excuse to keep on eating. Butter adds texture, flavour and captures air pockets to ensure a cake is spongy. However these cakes have a moist and stodgy texture. Obviously I don't think I'm selling these quite well, but they are delicious!

Favourite Song:

 ê 'Holly Jolly Christmas'  By Michael Bublé 

Have a great evening and remember it's OK to start eating mince pies now.

Ending on Cilla Black's memorable words 'lorra lorra love'