29 June 2011

Chocolate Prune Cake

Album 'The Essential Toni Braxton' Toni Braxton 2007

Yes I know what your thinking...

'Eww prunes in a cake? Mita you create some weird dishes' and 'Toni Braxton...classic'

This could have been called 'The Ultimate Chocolate Cake' and maybe got different responses. But honesty is the best policy!

I know with most dishes it's not going to please everyone, and maybe it's not your cup of tea. That's cool and I won't take it personally! Constructive feedback however is important and is needed to progress, also to get better and cook stuff people will try not just what I like.

I doubt lots of you will wrap bacon around banana or freeze grapes but all the recipes on this blog taste good, and if I mess up a dish I STILL blog about it.

Sorry grammar is all over the place, well it's not perfect on a good day, but anyway I'm getting tired but will finish!

Oven on 180°c
Melt 200g G&B dark chocolate

Meanwhile separate 4 eggs

In the egg white bowl whisk and add 100g caster sugar in batches until it forms firm peaks

In the egg yolk bowl whisk in 100g caster sugar, 250g soft butter

Fold in the same bowl 200g wholemeal plain flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 100g cocoa powder, 50g ground almonds

Then add the melted chocolate and fold in the egg whites

Blend 100g soft prunes and stir in the batter

Pour in big cake tin (30 cm diameter) and bake for one hour

Don't eat too many slices! I handed them out to the neighbours and to a funky juice bar.

Night Night

Lost Bread

Album 'The Very Best Of RUN-DMC' by RUN-DMC

An album that motivated me to run at 7am in my Adidas.

The truth is I can't stay in bed after my alarm goes off, got to get up and run before work. Crazy yes, but if you eat well then you need to balance it out with exercise.

I couldn't find my fresh bread after the run, and when it was staring at me ON TOP of the bread bin I knew I had to dip it in egg and milk.

2 eggs whisked

splash of milk

2 thick slices of seeded bread

pinch of cinnamon

drop of vanilla essence

There are many names for this toast, here are 3:

French toast (served with something sweet)

Eggy bread (on this blog with spices)

Roman bread

Lovely to have for breakfast with beans, and I know many kids who love to eat this with beans.



26 June 2011

The Godmother Part One

Album 'Speakerboxxx/The Love Below' Outkast 2003

It was 'ghettomusik' that randomly came to my mind this morning, what a great album to have on today. Also how cool is Andre 3000? Someone I definitely want at my BBQ!

To celebrate my godsons birthday there was a BBQ and I made a few special dishes...

Firstly the masala had to be prepared:

'two hand' ginger chunk (the ginger piece should have two sticks)
3 large chilli's with seeds
1 bulb of garlic
one tablespoon vegetable oil

blend until the smell makes your eyes water!
it should be a rough paste
store in a sealed container and refrigerate

This can be added to anything, I'm sure this line has been on the blog before! But this paste saves you chopping the three ingredients separately for a curry.

Use the masala in a week or freeze in ice cube trays.

For twenty chicken drumsticks:

1 tablespoon of the masala
2 tsp turmeric
2 tsp garam masala
2 tsp cumin powder
bit more vegetable oil

Marinade using your hands, stab the drumsticks to get the spices in.

Cover with foil

Refrigerate for a few hours.

As soon as I arrived at the party, Bob Marley was blasting in the kitchen and I suddenly felt relaxed and started moving while cooking...

Then started on the sweet potato curry (this recipe is with spinach on the blog)

Channa Masala feeds 20

fry tablespoon veg oil
add 1 tsp cumin seeds
1 large chopped onion
5 chopped medium fresh tomatoes
2 tsp turmeric
2 tsp garam masala
2 tsp chilli powder
2 tsp coriander powder

When it smells fragrant add 2 cans of drained chick peas

Keep on a low heat for 20 minutes, sprinkle coriander

Milk Chocolate Wholemeal Brownies

This recipe is also on the blog, but this time no nuts, too risky at a kids party.

As soon as they came out the oven, the smell had reached a few kids outside. In they ran admiring the chocolate blocks before them.

Most of the kids I know love chocolate, but adding whole meal flour to these brownies didn't make me feel that I was feeding them anything artificial.

At BBQ's the food, people and sun make it a day to remember.

Make most of the weather today and eat well wherever you are.


ps Andre if you ever read this could I borrow one of your hats?

24 June 2011

Blueberry Pancake

Album 'Graduation' Kanye West 2007

A great album to make you get out of bed, and cook something special.

While your moving to the album:

Makes 3 big pancakes

2 tablespoons wholemeal plain flour
1 egg
150ml milk

whisk until runny

heat a tiny bit of butter in a large frying pan
Flip when the pancake 'releases' from the pan (give the pan a shake) and has bubbles on top

Spread half with greengage conserve
top with blueberries
squeeze lemon juice
squeeze more lemon on top

You can use any jam and fruit combination.
But squeezing lemon juice on fruit only makes you stronger.
Tastes delicious and very filling.

Good Morning

23 June 2011

Mango and Almond Cake

Album 'Seasons of my Soul' By Rumer

Firstly I am sending this from my phone because I am desperate to get it posted!

Sorry the degrees sign is not next to temperature, or if any random words turn up..blame it on the predictive text.

Not listened to Rumer before today, and it's incredibly chilled to listen to in the morning.

I made this for a local school and I'm gutted I won't get to taste it.
But I have a feeling it will be like my 'Mango and Orange Cake' only nuttier.

Oven 190c
Grease a 20cm square tin with removable base.
250g softened butter
200g light brown sugar
Whisk until all combined
Add 4 eggs

Enough whisking

Fold in:
200g wholemeal plain flour
2tsp baking powder
One ripe chopped mango
1tsp almond essence
50g ground almonds
It's going to smell so sweet,don't lick your fingers!
Pour batter in tin, and on the oven middle shelf for 30minutes.
Once out, let it cool completely.
Make the icing using drops of orange juice not water.
Drizzle with an abstract frame of mind.

Once I know how fast it went I will post back.Xx

22 June 2011

Food And The City

Album 'The Beginning' Black Eyed Peas 2010

I cook write?

Today I start writing for an online magazine


Weekly it will be just as fun as the blog, but more meaty on the content than the recipes!

I'm not sure what else to write, apart from...

I just can't get enough from writing and cooking!


Rainbow Toast

En Vogue is still on...

This morning I wanted fruit and bread, this took me 3 minutes.

Would you be pleased to be served this for breakfast?

This is what I did:

Got up and while brushing my teeth witnessed a pigeon fly into my window

Great...it's OK I think, hopefully it should pass the news to its family and friends.

Toasted a chunky slice of bread from the loaf I baked last night

Spread organic black cherry jam

Topped with apricots, blueberries, raspberries, passion fruit and blackberries

Boiled the kettle for a cup of green tea

All the colours of the rainbow are not on the toast but its what I wanted to look at on my plate instead of the grey clouds.

Try serving this for kids, let them create a 'rainbow' on toast using fewer or more fruits.


Come Dine with Mita

Album ‘Best of En Vogue’

Last night I cooked a variety of dishes to bid farewell to Garry. The weather was decent so I set the table outside and it was incredibly relaxing. Even better that it was mid week and it felt like a Friday night.

I was so busy that I forgot to take individual snaps of the dishes, sorry!

Depending on how many friends you are having, it can be hectic to cook a variety of dishes and you will feel like you are on ‘Come Dine with Me’. Time management has got to be spot on too, last night I prepared and cooked all these in one hour; I wish I had a PA.

Fresh Ciabatta with different spreads on each slice
Sweet potato and carrot chips spiced with fenugreek and cumin powder
Boiled eggs in dill pesto with feta
Mange tout and mozzarella salad
Spicy chick pea slices
Spiced asparagus and mushroom in tomato sauce
Fried halloumi with black olive tapenade
Apricot, walnut and rocket with brown cous cous
Elderflower cordial with apple and raspberries
Baked fruits with crème fraiche

So what works?

Salads are always a winner, and healthy.
One or two meat dishes
Fish nibbles
Vegetarian/vegan burgers
Fruit skewers
Stuffed vegetables (peppers, aubergines, mushrooms)
Large fruit ready to be picked
Fresh bread
Dips/ home made sauces
Remember if it’s a lot of people they will be standing and talking so nothing too fiddly.
A spicy dish to get everyone drinking more
Mini cheesecakes

When having a BBQ the above could slightly change, and many more dishes could be created. Personally the standard burgers, hot dogs and crisps is an easy fix and does not impress me, unless all of it was home made! But more on BBQ’s next month.

About food and friends:

It’s an investment that should last: but unfortunately we all know that’s not the case for friends, some do have a ‘best before date’.

Get some help from friends or others when you have to prepare lots of food, you don’t want to rush.

Don’t leave the washing for your housemates!

Quality wins over quantity.

Buy expensive feta, it’s worth it.


21 June 2011

Posh Porridge

Album 'Taggy Matcher' Various Artists

This morning I wanted an indulgent, sweet and filling breakfast.

Porridge is great, you get to digest grains and it's lovely on a cold morning.

It can be made quick in the microwave, but only took me 5 minutes!

20g Organic Porridge Oats

80ml whole milk

1 tsp cranberry sauce

half chopped banana

half tsp mixed spice

fruit and nut mix

maple syrup

In a medium sized pan warm the milk for 1 minute then add the cranberry sauce

Add the oats

Chopped banana (mash if you like)

mixed spice

Stir until it looks like porridge

Serve with nut mix and syrup

Organic or chunky porridge is best.

Have a great day, I have a dinner to organise :)


20 June 2011

In The Middle Of A Chain Reaction

Album 'Eaten Alive' Diana Ross 1985

When walking down a high street and seeing the familiar ‘chain’ restaurants/ cafes, I cringe. There is something not unique about them anymore. It’s like they have lost ‘it’ and focused on money, money, money.

Of course everyone started off solo and as they grew, and got more successful the expanded and invested in other locations, personally that doesn’t make it individual anymore. I think when an establishment has a personal touch its special; so customers will make the effort to come and find you. And yes, money plays a big part but surely this could jeopardise reputation if customers have a negative experience elsewhere.

Obviously this is my own opinion and would love to discuss it with anyone over a coffee (not at Starbucks!).

Imagine finding a new cafe that you grew to love and only wanting it to be yours. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed by the service or food by the same company, it would be awful.

Roads that excite me:

Kingsland Road (Dalston, London)
Mare Street (Hackney, London)
Bermondsey High Street (London)
Sydney Road (Melbourne, Australia)
Brunswick Street (Melbourne, Australia)
Flinders Lane (Melbourne, Australia)
Camden Passage (London)

I have travelled further than London and Australia! If I remember anymore I will let you know.

What roads excite you with food?

Ps how cool is the album cover...listen and love.x

Veggie Mix Noodles

Album 'Scissor Sisters' 2003

Seriously what is going on with the weather at the moment?!

It's all about creating your own plates of sunshine..

Serves 4...or feeds you for the rest of the week!


Sharwood medium noodles

In a jug add a small chunk of tamarind with 100ml boiling water

Meanwhile in a wok:

Add 1 tbsp groundnut oil (toasted sesame oil is just as good)

1 crushed and chopped garlic clove

1 tsp lemon grass paste

2 chopped spring onions

1 carrot in edible chunks

Handful of fresh spinach

half a can of low fat coconut milk

5 chopped close cup mushrooms

sieve the jug of tamarind and add the flavoured water to the wok

drain the noodles and get them involved

some frozen peas

few cashews

and I added half of an orange pepper

Simmer for 15 minutes and then serve

The above might sound a bit hectic and busy but it's up to you what you would like in a stir fry.

Maybe try tofu



runner beans

fine beans

The textures and flavours you want can easily be achieved and cooked very quickly, also it can be made healthy. Think of all those vegetables you missed out on last weekend!

Hope you have had a nice start to the week despite the weather.


19 June 2011

Dill Pesto

Album 'The Third Rail' Doug Boyle

100g Dill

50g Pine nuts

Olive oil

few leaves of flat leaf parsley

30g Parmesan

1 garlic clove

Blend and taste to see if you need more of something.

I've put mine in a jar and will enjoy later with pasta

Pesto is so versatile...use any herb you like.

You can even freeze it!

Try lemon thyme and parsley

Or coriander with turmeric pesto

Sun dried tomatoes with fennel

Chive and black olive pesto

Any herb...yes even MINT, which would be lovely with asparagus or walnuts in a salad.

When I start typing suggestions my mind has so many ideas it would be too much to get it all down!

Post your creations if you like.

Lady Marmalade

Album 'Moulin Rouge' 2001 Various Artists

So many clementine's in my fruit bowl, I have been neglecting them. Make sure you sterilize the jar!

I put mine in the dishwasher then submerged it in boiling water.

Making jams, marmalade's and chutneys can also make use of ingredients that are about to go off.

And they make lovely gifts.

Clementine and Brandy Marmalade:

500g scrubbed, peeled and seeds out
400g granulated sugar
juice of two lemons
zest of half a lemon
2 1 tbsp brandy

Boil the clementines in a pan full of 900ml water, bring to the boil then simmer

Let this happen for 30 minutes

After add the sugar, lemon juice and zest

Boil for 20 minutes

Then scoop into a jar and seal, leave in a dark cupboard until you use it.

Indulgent Breakfasts

Album 'Mary Poppins Original Soundtrack'

Apart from curry and cake, breakfast is just as important to me.

So this morning I wanted something special on a plate, something slightly over the top and warm.

Wholemeal submarine roll

2 poached eggs


One dssp Philadelphia mixed with bit of fresh ginger and half a tsp of ginger powder


Jenna if your reading this, sorry...it was best we had fruit yesterday we needed it!!

Anyway this roll was amazing and the ginger was not too overpowering but warming. Just what I needed.

Something about poaching eggs:

It takes practice, don't do the following:

Whirl the water

use a massive pot

use vinegar

use oil

crack the egg to high

raise the heat

Here's what to do:

boil half a pan of water, make sure the pot is fairly small, reduce the heat a bit

crack the egg close the pan and just wait

Poached eggs look nicer, more posh don't you think?

Posh breakfasts...where are they? Who wants them? If I opened up a high end breakfast cafe would it work?

Is it all about a greasy spoon? its cheap, does the job and its quick.

I don't see enough indulgent breakfast options in cafes, especially around east London. Maybe there is a reason for it! Are you willing to try something different for breakfast?

So many questions, but it's something I would like to discuss with fellow foodies.

It's always 'English or American' to sort out the hangover, and I want to explore and try other options.

To start the weekend and to finish it would you eat/ try any of the below for brunch?

Eggs Benedict with orange juice

Wholemeal Waffles, syrup and blueberries with a smoothie

Thai spiced scrambled eggs on toast with watercress and elderflower cordial to guzzle

Smoked salmon, olive oil, and rocket on an English muffin with apple juice

Indian spicy vegetarian sausage sandwich with mint yoghurt

Bacon, sausage sandwich with sundried tomatoes and mozzarella

Organic chunky porridge with clementine brandy marmalade

Granola with chopped banana, cherry yoghurt and a glass of milk

Banana and walnut muffins with apple juice

Wholemeal scones with morello cherry jam and double cream or strawberry champagne conserve...served with champagne!

I feel like I could go on for another hour but I don't want you to look away!

Think about what is essential in a cooked breakfast/ brunch at the weekend, what comes to my mind are the following:





orange juice

grilled/ fried mushrooms
grilled tomatoes

hash browns

Over the next two weeks I will be cooking indulgent breakfasts but trying to stay away from the list above.

Gosh as well as being a vegetarian for the next week I have set myself a difficult task!

But I will keep one of my favourite quotes on repeat...

'he who dares wins' Del Boy

Clearly she who dares wins will be just as successful.


18 June 2011

Apple and Rhubarb Crumble

Album 'Rolling Papers' Wiz Khalifa (Becky would be proud)

Ok, the picture is not doing this pudding any justice, but I tried so many different angles. You are just going to have to trust me!

What to
and eat on a day like its been today.

Just pure miserable, your hair gets frizzy, what was the point of drying it. You should have walked out with the conditioner still in.
You play bump with umbrella's, and everything is black and grey.

If everyone had colourful umbrella's and wellingtons it would be nice.

Oven 200°c

80g Organic rolled oats
80g wholemeal plain flour
150g soft butter
100g golden caster sugar

rub in for a while until all the clumps of butter have gone. If you don't want rolled oats then use 100g flour and mixture should look like breadcrumbs. OR you can use granola instead of oats...mmmm

Don't use real BREADCRUMBS that's just silly.

2 cooking apples peeled and chopped in same size chunks
Rhubarb chopped in chunks similar to apple, peel some of its skin but don't go too crazy.

Saute the rhubarb in frying pan with
2 tsp butter
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground ginger

for about 3 minutes

Meanwhile boil apple chunks with 50g caster sugar for 5 minutes.

Drain and add to frying pan for 2 minutes.

Turn off and empty into deep baking dish

Cover with crumble, maybe not all of it, depends how thick you like the crumble layer.

Or if you are more of a fruit lover then just use one more apple!

Bake for 15 minutes, when the top is golden brown and the juices are bubbling at the sides.

Serve with double cream.

Also I did not eat half of this! I share because I care.


17 June 2011

Thai Scrambled Eggs with Sweet Chili Sauce

Album 'Tina' The Platinum Collection

Chosen because my Dad is her biggest fan and due to the unfortunate weather London is experiencing!

It's official...I can't stand the rain!

And my hair is starting to resemble Tina's on a day like today...

For a lovely thai elegant twist in your scrambled eggs, give this recipe a whirl.

Three stages:

1. In a small pot no oil/no butter, just these:

1 medium tomato chopped finely

Half of small red chilli chopped with seeds

1 tablespoon organic white wine vinegar

On a low heat for ten minutes then turn off heat and blend.

Stir through 2 teaspoons of double concentrate tomato puree

That's the sauce sorted.


In a small frying pan add a dash of vegetable oil

Generous teaspoon of lemon grass paste

3 kaffir lime leaves

Fry for one minute

Remove leaves

Whisk two eggs and pour in frying pan

Scramble away.

Eggs done.


Toast 2 English muffins

All done and simply the best :)

What?! I couldn't help but get a cheesy cheeky pun in.


16 June 2011

Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry

Album 'Older' George Michael 1996

Before I get typing about the above recipe I've noticed that I might have stated the wrong years next to some albums. Only going by what Spotify have updated, sorry if I have confused anyone.

Do you know how much I spent on this curry?

£2, I walked in the pouring rain because it sounds beautiful, also next to sunshine its my favourite time to cycle.

How cheap is £2!? So I have decided for one week I will be a vegetarian and see what I can create. Not even fish....and that's a big deal for me!

This curry is great as a side dish too, and you can add yoghurt on top with fresh coriander.

1 large sweet potato, diced

The thing with sweet potato is that it comes in so many random sizes, but 1 in this curry can feed 2 as a main or 3 as a side.

1 small red chili

de-seeded and chopped finely

1 garlic clove



Because this shrinks and looks like splatters of green paint after half a bag is in the pan, don't think you have to add more.

Half orange pepper

cut in chunks

Boil sweet potato until slightly soft, don't over boil it otherwise it will get mushy.

drain and leave to one side

meanwhile add some vegetable oil to a pan and:




1 tsp nigella seeds

1 tsp fenugreek seeds

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp fennel seeds

these 5 spices together are called Panch Phoran.

I will blog about spices later this month...

when it smells fragrant add the potatoes and stir so they are covered in seeds

then add the spinach...nearly typed in 'ass' then! sorry ....anyway

pour 50ml of water in and keep on a low heat

add 1 tsp turmeric (wonder spice remember)

1 tsp chili powder

and the orange pepper

If you want it all soft then add the pepper with the spinach, if like me you want different textures add it at the end.

Throw your wholemeal pitta in the toaster

Open up and scoop it in.

You can also have this on its own, or with rice, or in a wrap, or naan. The list could go on....but it won't!

Enjoy, and when its a rainy day wear a bright t shirt or something else vibrant.

Saucy Poem...

The Beautiful Indian

Its creative and seductive aroma will make your eyes widen and tongue salivate

Your body will melt and as soon as it touches your lips you will be sent back to that holiday that was a distant memory

The colours will send you back on that dance floor

Your hips, arms and legs moved because it was an out of body experience

And all this on a plate

Your own Sun.

by Mita Patel

15 June 2011

Who's That Chick? (feat cous cous)

Album 'The Best of Blind Melon' (2005)

Another glorious Wednesday to myself, feels great just not doing much. Tempted to nap but will wait after yoga!

This was my lunch, you might have noticed that I have used chicken and aubergine again. Well I figured that's what we do, you can't always buy a new ingredient every day. Most of us check the fridge and see whats available. Especially now, every little helps and food is getting pricey!

One breast of chicken diced

1 tsp dried marjoram

chopped parsley

one garlic clove

olive oil

half an aubergine diced

I'm really trying to calm down on the term 'chop'.

fry the above on a low heat, add a small cup of water

meanwhile boil the kettle

put some cous cous in a pot

pour boiling water over it, just so it covers the cous cous.

Leave that until all the water is absorbed.

Add jumbo raisins and chopped mint leaves, drizzle olive oil and leave it again.

Serve up and feel good :)


14 June 2011

The Chopping Board



Last night I fell asleep on my laptop! Just shows food is the first thing on my mind and the last.

So my chopping board has cleared my head and I have an idea of what to create. I learnt the mood board technique when I was in my fashionista phase. It's a creative way to get you to explore what your thinking of and viewing it.

First it's all about starting off small then thinking big comes later....

Right now I'm starting the day with a bowl of Bran Flakes.



Album 'BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge Vol 5' disc two

What do you do if you have an idea or loads of them? WRITE IT down and they might happen!

What you see is my inspirational food board, it will change when I change my mind about something.

I've called it the chopping board because this way I can chop the ideas that might not work and try and focus on what I want to do the most.


Wow! This poster has now come down and since June the blog now has a focus = MUSIC, FOOD and MITA.

Indian Chorizo Sandwich

Album 'Elton John' 1970

'Your Song' popped up in my head today, weird how that happens to me everyday. It's like I have a soundtrack for the day.

This was my lunch, there was an option of a basic ham, but I had chorizo and wanted a kick to it.

The only ingredients I chopped were garlic and cucumber, that's pretty good for me!

About 4 cumin seeds

half teaspoon of:

black pepper


chilli powder

fry all of this (except cucumber) with a bit of vegetable oil for one minute

then add chorizo and cover both sides with the spice and let it fry for another minute on each side

Toast two slices of brown bread

add cucumber slices

rip some lettuce

put the chorizo in and serve straight away.


13 June 2011

'Jus Roll' With It

Album 'True Blue' Madonna 1986

I chose this album because on my cycle back home 'La Isla Bonita' popped in my head.

BRILLIANT choice, especially today.

No.... nothing to with my dad telling me off about a guy!

I had a call today, and it was amazing.

I believe in this:

If you work hard at something, and feel passionate about it then good things will happen for you.
ps you have to be a good person, selfish people don't deserve anything!

Yes all a bit spiritual, but true.

Just roll with it I think, no rush or pressure. You don't know what I'm on about...soon you will know.

'Jus Roll' puff pastry
one chicken breast chopped
one grated carrot
fresh chilli flakes
olive oil
Leerdammer Cheese

Wrap the above in puff pastry and seal with a fork.

Stab a few times and cook in the oven 200°C for half an hour until pastry is light brown.

Enjoy and remember be good..x

12 June 2011

Turkey and Aubergine Curry

Still loving John Legend...

Chop finely:

3 large tomatoes

one clove garlic
half a red chilli
half an onion
half an aubergine

turkey breast into bitesize chunks

start boiling the rice

in another pot heat 1 tbsp vegetable oil and a few cumin seeds
add the onions and garlic

fry off for two minutes

add everything else except coriander

dried spices:
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp chilli powder

200ml vegetable stock

Simmer for 15 minutes.

Get coriander involved...it makes a curry.

Enjoy Monday, think of me dressed as a baker teaching kids how to bake and decorate.


Plan B

Plan A was to order and buy cake boxes online

Too expensive

Then I thought boxes .....hmmm how about cereal boxes?

Spoke to my brother about it and as he turned the volume down to 'The Defamation of Strickland Banks' I knew the name of this little idea had to be called Plan B!

Big cereal boxes were too bulky and I don't think people would want to carry them around.

BUT the mini variety boxes worked out really well at the Clapton Festival.

I know...

clever and slightly crazy what could I come up with next?

Bottle top earrings?

cupcake shape bra's?

My mind is non stop and food obsessed.

It makes me happy and that's the main thing.

PS thank you to all those who remembered and collected cereal boxes for me.


Nice Spread Mita

Album 'Get Lifted' John Legend

This was my stall at the Clapton Festival :)
I baked from 8pm - 4am, it was tough on my own but it had to be done because I knew this festival could make me or bake me.

And it did both:
People were impressed with the layout and appearance
The cakes containing fruit sold out first
Some even came back for more

Competition was stiff
Nearly everyone who sold cake ALSO sold juice
If I rocked up with curry, fresh salads, or sandwiches I would have been the one and only.

The cakes sold really well, the weather stayed bright and it was nice meeting other locals.

I realised with so many of the same thing, people like to shop around and see what looks good and check prices.

Definitely a few lessons learnt...

Flour less Chocolate Cake

Almond Sponge with mascarpone and cherry jam

Mango and Orange Cake

One being no more cake selling I'm afraid.

Loads of people do it, and I love baking but I'm not Mita the Cakey!

Time for market research

Time to take a risk

Buy some time then go in and make the impact that I want.

Thankyou to everyone who expressed support and helped me prepare for this.

Especially to my brothers and two wonderful helpers Emily and Nathalie

Big Love


10 June 2011

Mita P On A Mission

Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and James Brown are lifting me today :)

Not sure if I have time to do this but had to show you the planning for my stall tomorrow. I've said it a few times to my friends today but it really feels like I'm on 'The Apprentice'.

This is a rough layout of where cakes and cupcakes will be tomorrow. Lets hope the weather is crap today but great tomorrow.

For lunch:

A Cheap Puff

ready to roll puff pastry
olive oil
chilli flakes

Come and see me tomorrow, get a bus, train, walk or cycle!

Clapton Festival
St John at Hackney, near Hackney Central

My stall will be near the vehicle exit
Opposite Somerfield

Ok....I'll tell you a few things on the stall

Red and Blue Elderflower Cake
Orange Chocolate Brownies with Macadamia Nuts
Lemon Cupcakes
Apple and Elderflower fresh juice


8 June 2011

Tuna Burger

Album 'Celebration' by Madonna

I ate this last night, and I needed it.

A puncture meant I walked home from North to East London

Stressed looking for a bunny rabbit

Come back and my room looks like a bomb site

After this post I will be dancing to Madonna while sorting out everything.

Burger bap
Tuna steak fried
artichoke in olive oil
Leerdammer Cheese one thick slice

I wonder what Madonna listens to when she is working out....

Justin Timberlake?

Two random guesses, let me know your thoughts about the above.


Sigh No More...Just Fry

Album 'Sigh No More' By Mumford and Sons
Strangely I play this album when I run to work, its great because the songs move at a nice pace.
On the way back I play Marina and The Diamonds, really loud.

This morning I went to yoga and it was HOT! Also wore the wrong shorts, they looked good but never again! You really feel it after you miss one week of Bikramyoga, I forgot to take water and got back so thirsty and hungry.

I heard on the radio yesterday that Ben from Mumford and Sons posted an interesting fry up on their site.

Thought I'd give it a go and add my own little touches to it, hope you don't mind Ben :)

2 eggs whisked
2 rashes of back bacon
one garlic clove
medium potato
natural organic greek yoghurt

Cut up and boil a medium potato

meanwhile fry half an onion
add one clove of crushed garlic
put to one side once onions are soft

check potato...probably not done

on a plate spread out some spinach leaves, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

check potato,
at last
I need to eat!

drain and mash, add one tablespoon of yoghurt and the onions

fry small batches of these on a low heat in vegetable oil until brown on both sides

put two on the spinach leaves

scramble the eggs

I was tempted to poach but maybe next time

fry the bacon

eggs on hash browns

bacon on eggs

Enjoyed with a glass of fresh orange juice.


6 June 2011


Yes Craig David is still on...

It was going so well, why has this happened? It was very funny actually, it flipped on the dustpan and brush. Just like it wanted to be there!

Has it ever happened to you?

This is not the first time, but I wanted to blog about it so you know I am not perfect at baking! And I make mistakes.

If it's not meant to be it won't be.

I am slightly gutted, it was a carrot and parsnip cake.

EEWW PARSNIP? yes in my flavour thesaurus it says that Parsnip was used in cakes BEFORE carrots.

I will try again, not now its nearly 1am and I am running tomorrow.



Peas and Love

Remember the song 'Summer of Love' by Lonyo?

It was a big garage track back in 2000

Spotify don't have it...so I might switch to Craig David 'Born To Do It'.

My afternoon snack, looks messy but when you mix anything with peas its hard to get it looking nice, unless its melted butter.

Roast half red pepper with olive oil

Boil peas

Once both are done:

Mix peas with pinch of turmeric, and one teaspoon of mango pickle

Chop some ham

Add some alfalfa mung bean sprouts

Get some cheese of your choice in chunks

Oh yes '7 days'.....I've only got as far as Tuesday, not with Craig! :)

Enjoy Tuesday and behave Wednesday.x

5 June 2011

Miss Samosa

Album 'You've Come A Long Way Baby' Fatboy Slim

Chosen because I have come a long way, two years ago I was an Eastie Mess!
I wanted to be a fashion designer, then a counsellor.
I'm glad I continued cooking.

Thanks to the support from reliable friends and loving family I am right here right now blogging about my passion.

Enough emotional stuff, I'll call Jenna or Clare later to let them hear it!

So Wolverhampton was full of cooking and guess what I learnt HOW TO COOK SAMOSAS.

This is big news, my mum and grans samosas are the best I have ever tasted. Do you know why?
Because they are perfectionists.

I'm not going to write how to actually make them; I want to keep some of it a secret. It is a really long process but if you had loads of people involved you can get them done in a few hours.
I remember at my grans house at Rayleigh Road when all the women in our family would help make them, and also papri (pappadoms).I would slyly eat the raw papri dough then regret it later.

They had a production line, and my gran was like the head chef; she would come from the kitchen and swop people around if they didn't perform to how she wanted things done.
Very clever woman and the most creative cook I know!