29 December 2011

Food For Thought

These were available in the U.K for a while during 2003, I loved receiving a pack for Christmas!

♬ 'Progress' By Take That

This part of the blog is where you find out a bit more and I ask a few questions to know your thoughts on the topic.
There won't be 21 facts about me with a fancy picture, need to get a few foodie thoughts off my chest about how this year is coming to an end, how far the blog has come and the next steps.

I started the blog in March 2010 and since then everything has been flipped upside down!  Writing for The Independent, working for Eat Me magazine, being featured in two popular food magazines, working with Aldo Zilli and tried having my own column have been achievements that I am very proud of. 
Blogging has been an essential tool, all the reviews and delicious dishes have been a journey and a platform for trying out what I would like to do in the food industry.

The question has now come up.. how can someone in food without a chef qualification make it big?

Reality Shows

Masterchef, The Great British Bake Off, The Cooking School and many others have created a stage for undiscovered talent. A great channel for those who want to show off their skills and passion. For the past  3 months I have been filming my own videos and a new show. Where this will go I don't know, however you don't know until you try. Staring at a lens was strange for a while but now I am a natural! Three years ago I could hardly talk and look at a camera without getting shy. Confidence has grown and after more practice will grow even more.


What I see in the cooking section of a bookshop covers anything and everything. A blog can become a book if the publisher thinks there is an audience. This is why I am now thinking about my first and second book and how MixitCookit can have a long shelf life. The blog attracts loads of people and honestly I am targeting anyone who wants to cook but cannot be inspired. 

Cafe/Restaurant Business

If money is flowing in nicely or an investor comes along and likes your concept then this is the ultimate goal for any food blogger - just ask any of them! Owning your own business then feeding people dishes that you have decided and watching them come back for more. Pure bliss.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, My Space, Podcasts and SB.TV are all avenues that I am using and abusing in order to increase my profile, and let me tell you I want a p.a! Totally in need of some sexy frames because my eyes are fixated on a computer screen. The world wide web is definitely the place to be. 

Do you think food bloggers have a chance to fuel their cooking goals just like chefs? Clearly chefs are taken more seriously because of the qualifications and experience behind them. 

What I'm getting at is I don't want to be like 'Flipz' in the U.K - been and gone, yesterdays news. Like any industry, food is competitive and to shine and make TV or open your own restaurants you need a following and networking is key.
The food you make has to be amazing, not great or o.k - amazing.

My style of cooking was very much influenced by my grandma, mum and the only cookbook in the house - and the book didn't even sit in the kitchen:

Look how random the cover is, this is me all over, starting in the left top corner should be my black spaghetti, next to that Baileys cake.
Second row my banana and cherry loaf and chicken curry.
Last row my honey and lemon chicken soup and trifle.

I used this book in my food technology classes at school and that's why my dishes were always looking original and presentation was quirky. Still the case today really, what you see on the blog could look confusing or scrumptious.

Strange to think this was the only book in the house, my mum learnt from her mum and she learnt from hers because that's what was expected of women in past generations. If you could cook then you are able to feed and look after your family.

Basically as the year draws to an end this weekend I have to get my business cap on and next year do more to put myself out there. Throw myself in situations and see what I can handle and what I can't.

Passion and action are the key ingredients in 2012...and less chocolate.

Email mita@mixitcookit.com with your opinion if you don't want to post on the blog.

      Favourite Song:

ê 'Wait' By Take That


28 December 2011

Cherry and Banana Loaf

Who's on:

♬'Adele 21' By Adele 

Day 2 of my Christmas detox just went down hill after making use of over ripe bananas! I started off well with yoga, a healthy lunch, swimming and after all that I probably burnt off 2 mince pies.

For a tea time snack this cake is so cute and truly scrumptious.

Recipe for small loaf (about 8 slices)


50g soft butter
2 medium eggs
20g raisins
100g caster sugar
6 fresh pitted cherries (glacé would be ideal)
200g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
3 over ripe bananas


Preheat oven 200°c

: Grease and line the loaf tin with greaseproof paper.
Whisk butter and sugar until combined.
: Then add the two eggs and 2 bananas.
: Sieve in the flour and baking powder.
: Add the cherries and raisins.
: Stir everything and pour thick batter into the loaf tin.
: Cut last banana vertically from top to bottom and put on top of the batter.
Bake for 45 minutes until well risen and bananas brown, drizzle honey all over and serve when tea is ready.


Favourite Song:

ê 'Rolling In The Deep' By Adele

Chosen because I loved singing it on Singstar Christmas day!

25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

What was on while my brother was cooking!
♬ 'The Christmas Song' By Nat King Cole
Also a mixture of Mary J Blige, Maverick Sabre and Kings Of Leon.

Since being at home I have been fed like a queen. Having hardly spent more than 5 minutes in the kitchen is a weird feeling...in a good way. Today I have been in charge of music and eating all the mince pies! That's the great thing about being at home this time of year, everyone has a role and we have a great time.

I am sending you all a big hug, enjoy filling your tummies and forget about portion control!

Originally I had planned for my beautiful Christmas cake to be on display, but I forgot it in London. Gutted.

Instead here is Heston's Christmas pudding which was absolutely amazing. How did he get a whole orange in the pudding? Genius.

Thank you for your comments and emails this month.

Favourite Song:
ê 'The Christmas Song' By Nat King Cole

20 December 2011

Nut Truffles


♬ 'A Night At The Opera' By Queen

Love Queen, another album that gets me in the festive spirit.

Oh! I have been trying to make this photo extra large because they look so good.

Read everything....then start cooking!

These truffles are so incredibly quick, you could save yourself some money this Christmas and make cute mini boxes for friends and family.

All you are looking at is chocolate ganache with a bit of butter, chilled for 3 hours then rolled round in whatever I had to use up in my cupboard.

They look so impressive I am very pleased and could frame this picture.

▶ Recipe for 26 truffles


250g Green and Black's milk chocolate
250ml double cream
50g soft butter
Green and Black's cocoa powder

Crushed pistachios (use blender)
Crushed banana chips (use blender)
Baileys (mini bottle as only used a tiny bit)
Chilli powder
Flaked almonds
Dessicated coconut


: Break chocolate into a bowl
: Bring double cream to the boil and pour over chocolate.
: Stir in the butter slowly.
: Divide mixture into three bowls, in one bowl add half a tsp of chilli powder and stir.
: In the second bowl add 2 tsps of Baileys and stir.
: In the third bowl just look at it and smile.
: Refrigerate for three hours.

: After three hours set up a plate with sieved cocoa powder, and small plates with the coverings. This will make it easy to roll.

: Using a teaspoon scoop out mixture from chocolate chili bowl and roll into ball with palms.
It might stick a bit so put a bit of cocoa powder on each palm.

: Roll 5 of the chilli chocolate balls in the pistachio.
The other 5 in the dessicated coconut.

: With the Baileys, roll 5 of the balls in flaked almonds and another 5 in banana chips.

: For the plain chocolate roll in the cocoa powder and decorate with edible gold glitter.



 Bring up to room temperature for 20 minutes then serve.

Here are some close ups of the beauties...

Chilli and Pistachio.

Chilli and coconut.

Baileys and Flaked Almonds.

Baileys and Banana Chips.

Plain Jane with a sparkle.

My Favourite?

Baileys and banana chips.

My Tip?

Use good quality chocolate and cocoa powder.
GREAT to make with kids.


Oregano Roasted Vegetables with Bulgar Wheat

'A Night At The Opera' By Queen

I'm a blogging machine today, must be the festive season, I can't stop cooking.

Ever felt like putting everything in the oven and just getting on with other things?

If you are in the mood to roast vegetables before Christmas and want to stay away from rice and pasta for a while, I would suggest giving this recipe a go. While my chocolate ganache was cooling down I started to chop the vegetables and felt like giving my lunch an Italian twist.

Only takes half an hour, very satisfying and looks great!

▶ Recipe for 4 servings. 


1 small leek
4 baby beetroots
12 cherry tomatoes
8 closed cup mushrooms
Olive oil
Sea salt
Black pepper
2 small courgettes
1 large sweet pointed pepper (looks like a massive red chili)
2 tsps dried oregano

400g bulgar wheat
Fresh parsley


: Preheat the oven 200°c and drizzle olive oil on a baking tray.
: Chop all the vegetables except the tomatoes, just stab these with a fork.
: Sprinkle oregano all over the vegetables and season.
: Bake for 30 minutes, next boil kettle and pour water over bulgar wheat and also leave for 30 minutes.

Serve with parmesan and a bit more olive oil.


Favourite Song:

ê 'Bohemian Rhapsody' By Queen

Banana, Blackberry, Raspberry and Pomegranate Smoothie

♬ 'Hits of the 90's' By Various Artists

Tempted to make a sandwich to start off my Christmas meat binge, I hesitated as the fruit on my fridge shelf looked ready to be used. Drinking this smoothie might not look better than a fat bacon sandwich with brown sauce but it's sure healthier!

This smoothie is sweet, not too thick, a bit seedy (dental floss at the ready), and just a great energy boost to the day.

Recipe for this dark purple cup of goodness.

1 large ripe banana
6 blackberries
6 raspberries
5 cherries
150ml semi skimmed milk
20g pomegranate seeds (small handful as these add the seedy bits)

: With each cherry, treat it like crushing garlic with a large knife. Place knife on top of the cherry and press down until cherry is squashed and remove the seed. A technique to use if cherries are going to be processed, otherwise they won't look pretty.

: Keep one of each ingredient out to decorate the top of the glass. I totally forgot about banana and raspberry! 

: In no specific order put all the ingredients in a jug and blend. 

If you don't want to use milk, try natural yoghurt.


Favourite Song:

ê 'Save Tonight' By Eagle Eyed Cherry

19 December 2011

Prawn Curry with Wholewheat Cous Cous

♬ 'Ceremonials' By Florence and The Machine

As we approach 2012 my obsession with Florence's second album is still strong, she is definitely a lady I would love to meet.

Today has made me aware of how much I have learnt and progressed this year. This food blog and my beginners guide to social media and marketing has developed so quickly! What's great is that there is still loads more to learn and do.
Of course there have been highlights and sad times but my passion for what I am doing is just as strong.

Loads more highlights of the blog and food after Christmas.


Insane to think this prawn curry took 20 minutes to prepare.

No lie, no bad joke, no fuss.

Delicious, cheap, healthy and tasty.

Recipe to serve 2


1 tbsp vegetable oil
Half a red chili with seeds.
8 cumin seeds
Raw King Prawns (200g)
 200g chopped tomatoes (roughly half a can)
1 garlic clove
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp turmeric
1tsp chilli powder
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 tsp brown sugar
Fresh coriander
300g wholewheat cous cous


: Heat vegetable oil in a medium pot, add the cumin seeds and garlic.
: Next the prawns can go in with the dried spices. Stir to make sure all prawns are covered.
: After 5 minutes tip in the chopped tomatoes, chili and simmer for 10 minutes.
: Prawns should be done, now time for the cous cous.
: Put the cous cous in a small pot, no need to warm up on the hob.
Boil your kettle and pour enough boiling water to cover the top of the cous cous. Leave for 5 minutes until water has been absorbed and cous cous is fluffy when you stir it with a fork.

 : Serve with fresh coriander or miss this out if you are not a fan.


Next Time:
Scallops instead of prawns.

Not a fan of fish?

Email me lets sort this out...

Favourite Song Today:

ê 'Seven Devils' By Florence and The Machine

17 December 2011

Chestnut, Cranberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake

'Rocket Man' By Elton John

One of my beautiful cousins sang this to me, and everything turned fuzzy around me because her voice was sweeter than any cake I had ever baked. I'm getting that Christmas feeling of wanting to rush back home and hang out with the family!

Moving on to why you are really reading this!

The most easiest, quickest, hassle free cheesecake imaginable this Christmas. 
Make on the 24th and I bet Santa Claus would choose this over the mince pie! 
This went down very well last night (hence half of it gone) I was tempted to have a slice this morning, don't worry I chose warm lovely porridge.

Recipe for this angelic cheesecake.


200g Milky bar blocks
- Look I couldn't afford Green and Black's, food is getting expensive and I'm feeling the crunch!
600g Philadelphia cream cheese
50g caster sugar
300ml double cream
250g digestives
20g soft butter
1 tbsp chestnut puree
Ocean spray cranberry sauce


: Blend the biscuits until fine or bash them in a plastic bag with a rolling pin. 
: Melt the butter and add with the biscuits, stir in the chestnut puree. Consistency should be slightly sticky and crumbly, if you rub a bit between your fingers it should feel soft.
: Press this mixture down in a 20cm diameter cake tin with removable sides, put to one side.
: Melt the white chocolate, meanwhile whisk the cream cheese and sugar.
: Add the double cream and lastly the melted chocolate.
: Spread half of the mixture on the biscuit base, then use a teaspoon and randomly add dollops of cranberry sauce.
: Spread the rest of the mixture on top.
: Chill overnight or for 8 hours.
: Decorate with dried cranberries when ready to serve. If you don't like dried fruits use fresh cranberries OR warm 2 large tablespoons of cranberry sauce and drizzle over the top, why didn't I do that!

At a very low cost you have made a fancy festive cheesecake.

It's all about using what you already have!

Have a great weekend.xx

Favourite Song:

ê 'Your Song' By Elton John

15 December 2011

Herby Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

♬'The Best Of Sonny & Cher'  (1967)

This album cover is very cool, Cher looked amazing during this time. One of these songs reminds me of my friend Hayley who secretly wants to sing a duet with me.


My obsession for pasta started at university and to be honest I don't think I have grown out of it!  I used wholewheat pasta just because it's healthier and adds a nutty flavour. The sauce makes the pasta look white anyway! If you feel brave try to serve this to your kids and do not utter a word about what's in it. 

Sauce enough for four servings if each person has 70g (medium sized bowl) of pasta each.

Recipe for 4


300ml creme fraiche
6 medium sized closed cup mushrooms
3 rashers of thick bacon, fat cut off.
10 fresh spinach leaves (no need to count a small handful is fine, or if you love it add more)
Fresh parsley chopped - about small handful.
Fresh thyme chopped - about 2 sprigs.
Fresh rosemary (1 sprig)
Wholewheat pasta
1 garlic clove crushed.
Olive oil
Salt and pepper


: Get a large pot and fill with water leaving 2cm from the top, add one 1tsp salt and 1 tbsp olive oil. Put on a high heat and keep an eye on it as the pasta can go in once water boils.
On a large chopping board drizzle a bit of olive oil and sprinkle the parsley, thyme, and black pepper.
Put the bacon on top of the herbs, turn each one so both sides are covered. Using a very sharp knife cut the bacon into small squares.

: In a large frying pan add a tiny bit of olive oil and the rosemary sprig - with the olive oil add a bit more than a teaspoon but not more than a tablespoon. Maybe that means dessertspoon, but you be the judge of the spoons!
: Fry the mushrooms and garlic for one minute then add the bacon.
9 The water should be bubbling and now the pasta can cook for two minutes LESS than what it states on the packet. Trust me I was told this by a wise Italian (aka Fred).
: Add the creme fraiche to the frying pan, stir once and simmer for 10 minutes. Season if you want, personally I don't add salt when cooking for myself so I missed it out.
: Lastly add the spinach to the sauce.
: Drain pasta, run under cold water for 2 seconds and then tip in the frying pan. If the frying pan won't be able to handle the pasta, tip the sauce back in the large pot.


Serve straight away.

Don't like mushrooms?
Keep it out the recipe and replace with red onion.

Don't like onions?
Email me.

Favourite Song:

ê 'I Got You Babe' By Sonny and Cher