7 January 2012

Full English Pancake

'Greatest Hits' By Foo Fighters

A fry up with Dave Grohl singing in the background, oh yes what a great start to the weekend! Before I face the stress of public transport I needed a full English that is cooking in one pan, and something that can slot on the plate. 

This delivered.

Recipe to serve 2 or 1 to cure a hangover!


Pancake batter:
100g wheat free and gluten free plain flour (or normal plain)
1 large egg
200ml milk
pinch of caster sugar

2 pork and apple sausages (or vegetarian)
1 large egg
Cherry tomatoes (or 2 large tomatoes cut in half)
Mushrooms (slice thickly or if you have button mushrooms leave whole)
Olive oil


: In a large non stick frying pan drizzle a bit of olive oil and cook the sausages.
: After 15 minutes cut the sausages open and add the mushrooms.
: Make sure there is enough space for an extra egg, spinach and tomatoes, now is the best time to move things around.
: Crack 1 egg opposite the mushrooms.
: Place the tomatoes next to the egg, leave on a low heat.
: Whisk all the pancake batter ingredients.
: Pour this around the sausages until the batter has surrounded everything in the pan.
: Place as much spinach as you want in one corner, you could add this before you pour the batter if you want.
: When bubbles start forming on top, shake the pan to loosen the pancake.
: The sausages should be done and have no pink showing on the inside.

Love it with a glass of orange juice.

Let me know if you added another favourite breakfast ingredient into the mix!  

Have a great weekend.x

Favourite Song:

ê'Times Like These' By Foo Fighters