27 January 2012

Chicken Parmigiana PIZZA

'The Con' By Tegan and Sara

One of the albums, that remind me of my time in Australia.


Munching and working my way through a punnet of strawberries as I type this, and noticed my compulsive blogging behaviour is no longer daily, or even that frequent in the week.
Not sure how that occurred, this week has been choc -full of other crazy stuff happening, including one of my videos getting closer to being completed. Super excited about marketing this, keep your eyes peeled.

Yesterday was Australia day, before that was Burns night, before that was Chinese New Year and National Pie Day. Seriously, food plays a key role in everything! It is a tool to welcome and bring family, friends and cultures together, how wonderful. 
 When I get a few minutes I'm going to jot all these events down, and maybe put some meal ideas together for a book...

Back to Australia Day:

When living and getting fat in Melbourne, one of my favourite dishes was chicken parmigiana, which is originally Italian. I loved schnitzel too, and I don't know where that originated from: but both dishes, Australians like a lot.

I decided on parmigiana for dinner yesterday, however as I did my weekend food shop I picked up a packet of ready made pizza bases. Yes I do like food shortcuts once in a while!
As soon as I got home, I turned the oven and radio one, and started to prep for my baked chicken parmigiana, but I stared at the pizza bases - then at the mozzarella, then back to the bases.

Jo Whiley was discussing suitable songs for Australia day, then suddenly I thought....

*Why not put the parmigiana, all on a pizza?!

▶ Recipe for 2 pizza bases


2 pizza bases
4 chicken thighs
Tomato puree
2 eggs
1 garlic clove
Olive oil


Preheat oven 150°c, grease a large baking tray. Or you could place the base directly on the shelf, this depends on what brand you decide for the bases.
: Cut the meat from the thighs and discard bones (or keep to make stock). Chicken breast could work too, I prefer thighs because they don't have a dry texture once cooked.
: Use breadcrumbs, crushed garlic and parmesan to marinade chicken.
: In a small frying pan, add a bit of olive oil and fry the chicken for five minutes.
: Meanwhile, spread tomato puree on your bases and sprinkle oregano.
: Once the chicken is done, place equally on each base.

 : Use torn mozzarella and put on top of the chicken.
: Season with salt and pepper, and add more parmesan over the pizza.
:  Half way through your base cooking time, crack an egg in the middle and then put back to bake for the other half.

Once base is done, and egg is white and settled (shake baking tray to check if egg is still), take out and add a bit more parmesan.


Favourite Song:

ê 'Back In Your Head' By Tegan and Sara

*P.S I did not invent the idea of putting parmigiana on a pizza.