28 January 2012

Chorizo and Egg Brunch

♬'Jukebox' By JLS

That's right, starting my day off with JLS and a high protein breakfast.


JLS are pretty cool!


My trainer gave me a lecture yesterday, on how much sugar I am consuming. The bells started ringing in my ears, as he said 'Mita it's veg and fruit NOT fruit and veg!'.

That's why I had this for breakfast, the only ingredient that had to be cooked was the egg, everything else was slapped on the plate.

I've always rambled on about how important breakfast is, and I have blogged so much about fruit. This blog is green, so why haven't I embraced it? 
Time to go raw and worship the veggies.

Adjusting a diet and exercise regime can be a hassle, but it's all about strategy. I was dipping in and out of fitness and food phases all the time, and this was due to moods and change of lifestyle, consistency was what I was lacking. Slowly but surely everything is looking better in 2012.

Anyway let me share this easy breakfast, for all you gym fanatics:

 Recipe for 1
If vegetarian, substitute the chorizo with cooked mushrooms or raw asparagus.


1 egg
Wholemeal bread
Sunflower seeds
Pine nuts
Black Pepper
Tabasco sauce


: Fill a small saucepan half way with water, let it boil. Crack an egg in the middle of the boiling water, be careful of your fingers. Boil for 3 minutes.
: Place one slice of bread on a plate, add small pieces of mozzarella, then rocket, seeds, and sliced chorizo.
: Finally use a slotted spoon, and put the poached egg on top of the chorizo.
: Splash a bit of Tabasco sauce, and finally add black pepper.


Have a great Saturday.x