6 January 2012

Spotty Blueberry Cake with Blackcurrant Jam

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Before I head out this cake has to be posted, simply because it is so deliciously soft and sweet.

What made me bake?


My bikram yoga practice came to a sweaty end today, no more bending and suffering for an hour and a half - now my attention has turned to boxing.

Back to the beautiful blueberry wheat free, gorgeous, scrumptious cake you are drooling at. 

Recipe for 10 slices


200g wheat free and gluten free self raising flour
150g caster sugar
150g soft butter
4 medium eggs
100g blueberries
Half an orange zest and juice (or 50ml milk)
Blackcurrant jam
Natural yoghurt or double cream (200ml)


:Preheat oven to 180°c, grease two 20cm diameter sandwich tins. 
: Whisk the sugar and butter until pale looking.
: Add the eggs one at a time and whisk.
: Sieve in the flour, put the whisk to one side and grab a large metal spoon.
: Use the spoon as a microphone while a good tune is on, then fold in the flour and blueberries.
: Incorporate the zest and juice, this flour needs a bit of liquid so this is why orange juice got involved - if you prefer milk that's cool.
: Divide the mixture between two tins, this is hard to get exactly equal, a good tip is to scoop in two spoons at a time.
: Bake for 25 minutes until golden at the top.

Take out and turn upside down on cooling rack, then you will see the most beautiful spots of blue. At this point I was mesmerised and knew this had to be shown off.

 Once cool spread blackberry jam and dollops of yoghurt, or whisk the double cream and spread that instead.

Originally the cake was going to be sandwiched with cream and I bought a pot of single cream - silly idea. I was whisking for about ten solid minutes then realised something is really wrong. Today's lesson, single cream cannot be whipped for a filling, only double cream.

Saw the yoghurt and put a few spoons of that on instead, I would recommend using yoghurt if you are serving this cake straight away.

Dust over with icing sugar.


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ê'It's Tricky' By RUN-DMC