27 March 2012

Easter Hunny

'Shining Star' by Nneka

This song could be the one. 
 Nneka is on every morning before I leave for work, and if my head is feeling up to the bass, possibly even before I go to bed. It's definitely the song that will remind me of how surreal this year is folding out. That's where music is similar to food, they both sit with you or can take you back to a moment in your past, that reminds you of how things used to be.

These few weeks have been like a walnut whip of a craziness. Yes I have been cooking and by the looks of it, blogging less and less. This doesn't mean I have forgotten about this beautiful hunky green page of food and music, basically I haven't had enough time to sit down and type. I've been experimenting with spices, perfecting my seasoning, and crushing almost everything with my pestle and mortar. To be honest I have been so focused on a certain project, my mind won't let me wander elsewhere. By the end of this week my crazy blogging behaviour will be back, and I will have a few poptastic creations I want to share with you.

The cakes looks scrummy don't they? I hosted a very yellow Easter party for a group of little girls, and their little eyes grew very big once they saw these! A fun cake case, filled with a simple vanilla sponge, covered in Nutella, sprinkles and a mini egg. Simple yet effective. Take note: if applying Nutella as a topping, make sure you have some wipes nearby for the kids.Personally butter cream is over rated, I would rather eat a cake covered in icing or chocolate and have a mouthful of butter on a hot cross bun. 

Tips for organising an Easter egg hunt party:

1. Invest in a lot of mini eggs and hot cross buns, check for deals in supermarkets.
2. Make everything egg shaped or themed. The sandwiches at this party were even egg shaped (using cookie cutter). Boiled eggs were also on the menu!
3. Maybe try crumbling up a Flake chocolate bar and create a 'nest' effect.
4. Boil a few extra eggs so the kids can paint, this depends on their age. Or print out egg pictures and the kids can colour and decorate them.
5. Bake cupcakes night before and decorate on the day, trust me you will save a lot of time.
6. Get everyone to wear a yellow item of clothing. My neon yellow dress lit up most of the day, as well as being an extra light whilst cycling home in the evening.
7. Hide eggs well, kids these days are extremely clever.

*Nestle claim that a Walnut Whip is eaten almost every two minutes in the U.K. That my friends is a scary statement.