5 March 2012

The Full Indian

'My Love Is Your Love' By Whitney Houston

My face dropped when I received a text from a friend about the death of Whitney. Her voice will still be heard in my kitchen.

After my run to Dandi beach, I would drink a cup of tea and struggle what to eat after. I asked Parvati (one of the cooks) what her family have for breakfast, I was then happy to try the tradition. A typical breakfast in the village was mostly a rotlo (made from millet flour) and last night's curry. People there do not have the luxury to buy coffee, have a toaster or buy cereal. When I told Parvati what I normally have for breakfast, she told me all of it sounded expensive and I should finish food from the night before to avoid waste.

This my friends is the full Indian breakfast.
On the thali is a cup of masala chai, one rotlo and two fillets of pan fried masala coated plaice. You might be thinking that fish is a strange choice first thing in the morning, I was sceptical at first but I tucked in and got my protein boost, which lasted me til the evening! Normally this is eaten at 11am, also a vegetable curry would be more appealing. I wish this was on a breakfast menu in London, I would love it!

Tikki puri to eat with masala chai. I consumed so many of these! 

I'm still trying to find out the correct spelling and ingredients of this dish, give me a few days. Does anyone know?

After a few mornings of eating the above, I missed eggs.  French toast came to my mind, so I tried this with a touch of chilli, garlic and ginger. I then made an onion, tomato and egg curry to eat with my rotlo. Those dishes were great, but something without spice as my first meal of the day was all I craved! The omelette craze started and every other morning I would cook everyone a big omelette, adding spinach and spring onions. No spice, fancy herbs or seeds involved, just a simple omelette. Sometimes simple is what works.


2 medium eggs
Pinch of sea salt
100ml milk
Small bunch of washed spinach
3 spring onions chopped finely


: Heat a drop of ghee in a small frying pan.
: Meanwhile whisk the eggs, salt and milk in a bowl.
: Pour the egg mixture in the frying pan, and turn the pan to the left and right to get all the mixture even and in a circle.
: Sprinkle the spring onion on one half, then lay the spinach leaves on top.
: After a few minutes, shake the frying pan to release the omelette to ensure it didn't stick.
: Using a fish slice, fold the other half on top of the spinach and spring onions.
: Press the omelette down with the fish slice, and leave for an extra minute. 
Serve with fresh tomatoes.


Favourite Song:

ê 'It's Not Right But It's Okay'