17 March 2012

Mother's Day Cake

An exotic fruit cake that should be on a pedestal, embroidered with royal pink icing, gold and colourful chocolate beans.

'Spice' by The Spice Girls

This album reminds me of the times my mum would encourage me to stay in: but I never listened and hopped on my bike to discover new shops, to spend all my pocket money. Some things haven't changed! Now you could probably find this album tucked away in a charity shop, because The Saturdays and Little Mix are the new flavours in the teen world. The only song that will put the icing on the cake this mothering Sunday is 'Mama'. I secretly wanted to be Ginger Spice! The dress Geri Halliwell wore at the 1997 BRIT Awards, started my obsession with the union jack - that to this day hasn't expired. 

Mother is an avid fan of the following:

Almond Chocolate
Flower gardens
Shopping for sari's
A good cup of chai
Swarovski Crystal
Fresh and dried fish

Putting everything mum loves in a cake would be ideal, unfortunately fish and a pink sari won't digest! From all the above the outcome was fruit cake laced in brandy, glazed cherries, almond essence and the seeds from a cardamom. A glorious combination of flavours that work hand in hand, just like mother and daughter.

This is how it looked when I carved out the heart:

After nibbling on the bits that didn't make the cut, I have to say the cardamom seeds gave the cake a gorgeous kick. 

I have a feeling her heart will melt once seeing and eating this.

Enjoy your weekend.x

This time last year: