4 March 2012

Voyage To India

A statue of the inspiring Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, taking a handful of salt in 1930, which challenged the rule of the British in India. His determination, teachings and strong will ultimately won India its freedom on August 15th, 1947. 

♬ 'Our Version Of Events' By Emeli Sand√©

I went, I saw and I ate a lot of Indian food. Once I got back into London, this was one of the first albums I had to listen to.

I was so inspired out in India, the smells, sounds, colours, and people made me feel alive, and gave me a big wake up call. People worked so hard in order to get food on the table. When I asked a local which one of her jobs she loves the most, or would like to pursue, she looked at me in a strange way. Her reply translated to this: 'Mita, it doesn't matter whether I love one job over the other, I do it because I have to work, if I don't work, who else will?’

There were two local ladies I grew to love and they were outstanding cooks. Night after night the menu was varied and the dishes tasted out of this world. Different types of organic produce would be carried on heads and arrive with a smile. We spent less than £3 a day on food to feed five adults. Here in England, organic produce is a treat on payday! Every night when I joined the cooks in the kitchen I was in my element. The sounds of a local wedding paired with the aroma of curry would light up my evening. Food and music even in India. 
No laptop and internet left me with a pad of paper, a pen, and a video camera; this way I recorded my experiences and gained more confidence in front of a camera.  

Over the next few days there will be posts and videos about what I saw, tried and tasted. 
Be warned, the blog is about to get very colourful, a pair of sunglasses might come handy.

Favourite Song:

ê'Next To Me'