14 April 2012

Blackberry Upside Down Marble Cake

'Jagged Little Pill' by Alanis Morissette

An album chosen by Clare Tomes who came to visit me for the day. She was making me laugh so much whilst cooking! And that is definitely the best sound you should have in the kitchen. Clare said this album reminded her of a time when she was in her teens, and then I got a flashback to how innocent and slow time was back then. How great is the video to 'Ironic', I remember reenacting the car scene with my sister, and when I popped my head out of the window, a random guy splashed water from his bottle in my face. True story.

After our hefty, hearty and wholesome lunch I conjured up this cake that I randomly thought of this morning. It's sort of two cake ideas in one, the upside down philosophy of fruit, and a marble cake sponge. This way I didn't have to worry about a cake cooling down or even decorating the top, because the vibrant colour of blackberry was showing off. Served with vanilla Ben and Jerry's ice cream, both us ladies ate the first piece in complete silence with  'mmm' sounds here and there.

You should try this with any fruit that will go well with chocolate, such as:



You need:
 8inch cake tin


200g blackberries, washed and drained.
120g caster sugar
120g self raising flour
70g butter
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
25g cocoa powder


: Preheat oven to 180 °c.

: Cream the butter and sugar until well combined, pale and fluffy. 
: Add the eggs.
: Add the flour and stir well.
: Divide the mixture into another bowl.
: In one bowl add the vanilla essence.
: In the other, the cocoa powder.


: Meanwhile line the baking tin, and dust over some plain flour.
: Scatter a tsp of sugar over the base and line the blackberries neatly.
: Take a large spoon from each batter and spread over randomly.
: Bake for 40 minutes until the cake has slightly risen.
: Turn over onto a cooling rack and peel off the greaseproof paper, revealing the succulent blackberries.
: Serve straight away with vanilla ice cream.


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Favourite Song:

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