3 April 2012

Seafood Tagliatelle with Lemongrass

♬ 'Tease Me' by Chaka Demus & Pliers

 I was just dancing in my kitchen like a reggae wannabe. I'm sure I didn't look that bad, only one person pointing from their balcony. The title of the album is definitely the best track, and a sure winner every summer when convertible cars bless the streets of east London.
By the looks of it that won't be happening any time soon, apparently it's going to snow this week. Gosh, I am seriously tempted to jet set out of this grey country and dip my hands in some colour elsewhere. The week is going well, I haven't been tempted to make a curry or even give coriander any attention. Apparently mum will be making her legendary lamb curry this weekend - someone will have to hold me back!

One thing that excited me today is the above dish. A sauce with prawn, anchovies, rocket, spring onions, pomodorini cherry tomatoes infused with lemongrass. Seriously that was all in the sauce! A mouthful to read and trust me once your tongue touches this, you will want to brag about it the next day. Lemongrass has such a vibrant and lingering hold, combined with an anchovy it's like ka-pow!

Recipe for sauce to serve with tagliatelle:
Serves 2
Time taken including chopping and boiling pasta: 20 minutes.


400g can of pomodorini cherry tomatoes.
75g anchovies in olive oil.
1 garlic clove
3 spring onions, chopped.
2 small sticks of fresh lemon grass.
225g raw jumbo king prawns.

Fresh rocket


: While boiling water and cooking the pasta, this sauce can be prepared.
: Empty the anchovies and olive oil in a large frying pan, add the garlic, spring onions and prawns.
: Fry for 3 minutes then tip in the can of tomatoes, and immerse the lemongrass in the sauce. Do not stir, the tomatoes are so cute when they stay slightly intact and get softer.
: Simmer for a further 5 minutes then it's done.
: Taste to see if it needs seasoning. Chances are the lemongrass and tomato will be enough. 

Before serving, take out lemongrass and stir through the rocket.
Serve straight away.


The verdict?

Your mouth will never let you forget this moment.
Definitely packing this for lunch tomorrow.

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