11 May 2012

Jenna's Choux Pastries

'Songs About Jane' by Maroon 5

That's right. It's all about Jenna, Jenna, Jenna.  A few years ago whilst living in a crooked flat above a tattoo parlour I was draining Stereophonics on a daily basis and Jenna was always pottering about to Maroon 5. Since it's her special day I had to get them on while making her birthday treat. Well one of them, the other design is top secret, naughty and not for this blog! 

 I've gone a tad vibrant and childlike with the decoration, well for me a cake has to look fun! Jen loves chocolate eclairs and when I see her later on I will whip up some cream and we will eat gluttonously.
Profiteroles are cute, eclairs are mouth watering, but who says choux pastry has to be piped round or oblong? As long there is enough space inside them to fill up, creating interesting letters, shapes etc could be the next wave of madness! One tip is the pastry doubles massively in size. At first I piped the letters too small, and learnt the burnt crunchy way: not cool. 

Recreate this magic for someone you know, the recipe for eclairs is here

▶ Something to note if you want the above effects, instead of using wholemeal flour I used plain flour, and I simply melted chocolate and dipped each letter in once cooled, then decorated.


Favourite Songs:

ê 'This Love' 
ê   'She Will Be Loved'