18 May 2012

Jubilee Jammie's

'Big Willie Style' by Will Smith

Who doesn't love Will Smith? I heard him on the radio this afternoon and have been playing his jiggy tracks most of the day. Apart from reminiscing and singing down the heavens when 'just the two of us' came on, I also got a bit Viddy happy. I have a feeling this fifteen second video phase is the start of another craze. My mini videos will solely be food related, not song covers or staring out the camera. 

The Jubilee is approaching and I've still got a few creative ideas in my cake tin of a brain, here is an idea that will brighten a cake stall or be lovely with a cup of tea. 
When it came to deciding on a biscuit recipe, I wanted buttery, gooey, short and slightly crumbly. Using egg yolks and icing sugar give these biscuits exactly the above, which will melt in your mouth. 

Ingredients to make 12:

2 medium egg yolks
225g soft butter
1 tsp almond essence
300g plain flour
120g icing sugar, save some for dusting.
Raspberry jam
Blackcurrant jam
Black cherry jam


: Working left down...
: Cream butter and icing sugar until soft.
: Add yolks and flour, stir in and turn out mixture on a table and press altogether to make a soft and slightly sticky dough. No need to knead too much here.
: Make it cold by keeping it in the fridge for a minimum of two hours.

: Preheat oven to 180°c.
: Cut the dough in half. Roll one half to about 5mm on a floured surface, and use a large cookie cutter (6-8cm) and cut 12 bases. 
: Lay on a large tray lines with greaseproof paper. Keep enough space between each biscuit.
: Bake for 10 minutes until they start to brown. Take out to cool and they can toughen up.
: Do the same for the second dough, but this time cut a small shape in the middle. A circle, star or even a diamond would be cool.
: Put the small shapes back in the dough to avoid waste.

Once each biscuit has cooled, use a selection of organic colourful jams and spread a small amount on each base.
Dust each top biscuit with icing sugar before placing it on top of the jammie base.

Favourite Songs:

ê 'Miami'
ê 'Just The Two Of Us'