13 May 2012

Popping Jubilee Lollies

Various tracks from M.I.A, particularly 'Bad Girls'! 

A plethora of gold heavy chains, rings and psychedelic prints have been at the forefront of my wardrobe this weekend. And who better than the very cool M.I.A to get playing while I jazz up my outfits and get a bit creative in the kitchen!

This year is all about captivating England, yes the weather so far has been a grey and drizzly nightmare, but we have the Olympics, Jay Z and Rihanna making an appearance in Hackney: and most importantly the Queens diamond jubilee celebrations in June. I am going to take this opportunity to go absolutely mental with my creativity and cook what I can that is blue, red, white and most importantly recreate the English palate. 
Already a fan of wearing stripes, the union jack design is one I am a complete sucker for. Anything with this theme I will hold close. In previous posts I explained that it was Geri Halliwells dress at the Brits in 1997 that sprang on my addictive tendencies for this flag. Now all major supermarkets are stocking up on my favourite three colours and my purse is deflating as I go in and buy anything and everything. 
These lollies were a random experiment, and I handed them out to local kids who's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets once they took a bite! Popping candy is such an old school nostalgic memory, the routine was to spend the last bit of change on coca cola bottles, tip tops or candy after school, unfortunately my parents would find out because I was silly enough to leave all the wrappers in my pockets.

 ▶ If you would like to make these ready for an event you are hosting or attending then give these a go:


150g organic milk chocolate
Red lolly sticks
Popping candy
Blue, white and red sugar balls.


: Melt chocolate in a bowl over boiling simmering water. Once melted take off the heat.
: Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and line up lolly sticks with enough space between them.
: With a tablespoon, spread chocolate over top of the stick.
: Sprinkle sugar balls and popping candy and the chocolate circle should get bigger. Make sure your hands are dry, any moisture will jeopardise the 'pop'.
: Do the same with the others, making sure each lolly is upside down to it's partner.
: Refrigerate for a few hours.
: Peel off slowly and hand out.

Favourite Song:

ê 'Bad Girls'
' Pull Up The People'