4 June 2012

Coconut Raspberry and Lime Cakes

'These Streets' by Paolo Nutini

After a quick glance at the royal flotilla on the Thames highway, I made a quick dash home to a) avoid the rain and  b) see if Sainsbury's had a mammoth selection on their reduced shelf. The result... caught in the drizzly rain and bought about 10 packets of fresh raspberries for under £1. The supermarket was scarce, and it was me against an elderly lady as we battled for the bargains. Unfortunately I had a small basket and she had a trolley, therefore I couldn't pack as many in! Got home, Paolo is on, and set the kitchen mixer ready to pulverise these sweet red berets. Every couple of months I tend to overload on raspberries, what do you do with them? There was another lady who picked up a packet then said to me 'what shall I do? I never use them, but for 10p I can't let them go!' I replied, 'make a hearty sweet crumble, or freeze them, stir through yoghurt, or use as a layer when making a trifle.' Her eyes lit up and she grabbed about 4 packets. 

▶ Recipe for 12 cakes:


220g soft butter
150g caster sugar
3 large eggs

220g self raising flour
50g dessicated coconut
1 lime
Half a tsp vanilla essence
180g fresh raspberries


Preheat oven to 180°c. If your using a cake mixer, add the ingredients in the order above.
: If there is no cake mixer to hand, no problem, follow this method.
Cream butter and sugar with a fork until soft and pale.
: Add eggs one at a time and whisk.
: Take the bowl off the mixer and fold the flour in with a butter knife.
: Use this method for the raspberries and coconut. Cutting through the mixture will not mash all the raspberries, so there will still be a rough muffin like texture.
: Stir in the essence and zest half of lime.
 Scoop in the cupcake tray with two dessert spoons and bake for 25 minutes.
Once risen and golden on top, take out and let them chill.

Dust with dessicated coconut and dip raspberry in a bit of honey to stick on top.


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