2 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Cake

You. Yes you are gawping at my crown cake. This golden sponge of a crown was a last minute crazy idea that took most of the night. I've seen a few crown cakes made from sugar paste, and they look great - but they don't make me want to grab it from someones head to eat it. That's right. I am wearing my crown cake, which looks a bit like a spiky golden smarties hat. 

♬ 'Born In The U.K' by Badly Drawn Boy

Every time I listen to the above album, I get a sense of proudness about being raised on British soil. Hence why it has been chosen to be played in the kitchen this weekend.

Totally proud of being born in the U.K, and I think the queen is particularly cool. I would like to meet her one day and present a piece of my cherry and almond cake. I bet she is going to have a crazy party this weekend, if anyone knows what's on the menu, leave a comment!

Seriously, this bank holiday is going to be a corker. The streets are going to burst with red, blue and white cakes, and I'm wearing everything to do with the union jack - even a cake.

A small clip of when the idea clambered in the creative cupcake brain:

Basically I made a traditional round sponge cake, refrigerated it then cut the outer circle and used scissors to create the crown effect.

And when the crown was done...

Favourite Song:

ê 'The Time Of Times' 

Have a lovely jub-ilee weekend viewers.xxx