6 June 2012

Roasted Carrots with Bacon and Thyme

'The Collection' by M People

Thank god for Heather Small. Her voice has been my savour over the past two days, I've been training like a machine and eating freakishly healthy delectable food. This blog is getting cake happy at the moment! The sweet baking obsession has calmed down, however I've always got a golden block of butter ready in case it turns into one of those days when a bus decides to lather me in puddle soup. 

I was so close to making carrot cake, I refrained and chose to roast. Cooking vegetables this way is great. Roasting can crisp, harden, soften and then boom - slapped at the side of a main meal. The bacon was at a loose end so got that involved too, honestly salty combined with the super sweet carrot is lovely. Apart from the above, I slowly cooked a mixture of peppers with red onion and cumin, and also made an avocado and chive dip with creme fraiche.  All in aid of a quick delicious wrap ready for when I dive onto the sofa after boxing.

Mini boxing story:
Last week one of the trainers told me to step in the ring, I completely sketched out and wanted to cry. I said 'Ok. Cool. Shall I get a gum shield, or one of the squidgy head protectors?'
He replied, 'No. Just step in the ring and fight me, and don't think I will take it easy on you.'
That was it, the end of my life. I was about to get pummelled into rice pudding in Islington and I haven't even made it on TV yet. Bye bye life.
Well as you can imagine it wasn't that bad, but very scary.
So tonight I'm going in with my Rocky Balboa attitude and not going to hold back. I have a feeling all I'll be doing is thinking of the food that awaits me...

▶ Recipe for 4 people:


Peeled organic carrots (3 for each person)
4 fresh garlic cloves (leave whole)
Fresh thyme leaves
2 strips of bacon
Olive oil


Preheat oven to 160°c.
Basically cut the carrots vertically, place garlic, thyme in between and strips of bacon on top. Drizzle generous amount of olive oil and bobs your uncle.
: Bake for 30 minutes, then add parsley and serve.


Oooh here's a photo of the colourful peppers..

Favourite Song:

ê 'Moving On Up'