20 July 2012

26 Golden Cupcakes

'Music' by Madonna

Who else was I going to have on while decorating these beautiful cupcakes!
The order was for a 50th wedding anniversary, and of course being that it is a golden one I had to go all out and get glitter crazy. Fourteen chocolate orange and  twelve vanilla are on display, four of each were decorated slightly differently. Remember when I made 300 cakes last year? Now looking at these cakes, I think less than that is achievable and each of these cupcakes had a lot of attention, they look great and I am well proud. 

Creating the rose effect requires a good piping nozzle, steady hand and simply turn the cupcake in glitter. For the edges of the rose (in first photo, top four) dab your finger in glitter and press gently around the sides. Simple yet effective.


Have a great weekend.

Favourite Song:

ê 'Don't Tell Me'