26 July 2012

Amazing Hot Berry Toasties

'Radio One's Live Lounge 3' by Various Artists

I actually prefer the tracks on this album than the originals. The quirky Ting Tings do an excellent cover of The Gossips 'standing in the way of control'. 

Listen love and eat!

Now this isn't exactly rocket food science on my part so I have to apologise. Lately my confidence has been bashed about when it comes to my cooking skills or to some people - lack of them. Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion and quite frankly I couldn't give two pineapples about what anyone says. A few years from now this blog will still be here and I will still be experimenting, messing up, conquering and becoming a better cook! 
Back to the juicy berry toastie above, I literally lied in bed for a good hlf an hour pondering what else I could eat for breakfast instead of Bran Flakes. Then I remembered the sandwich toaster my older brother handed to me and made the above. Normally bread works really well in these machines and anyone who is or has experienced cooking at university knows that this device is essential for delicious and cheesy sandwiches! One of my all time fillings has to be ham and cheese, hands down the best. At first using tortilla wraps was a bit daunting as I didn't want a crunchy crisp texture, all in all the wrap did well and encased berries and melted chocolate beautifully. Anyone steering away from bread should try this too. I also took this chance to make a video, since it has been quite a while since my face has blessed the screen.

Right, so a small handful of blackberries, bluberries and raspberries in the middle of the wrap then grate chocolate. Alternatively adding nuts, bananas or whatever you like is cool too. I just wanted to bring the sandwich toaster to the forefront and on kitchen table because it doesn't mean you have to open a deli, you can simply make quick healthy or naughty snacks. 

Enjoy and let me know what other fillings you have tried that beat:

 Ham and cheese
Baked beans
Bacon and cheese
Spinach and ricotta
Chocolate and banana
Brie and cranberry
Tuna and cheese