5 July 2012

Breakfast Banana Split


♬ 'XX' by The XX

Well here I am on another Iphone app rampage! Where are they coming from? One app just pushes the other out the door, I love it, they serve me well and combining food photography, my voice and music is working out a treat. Meanwhile sharing the videos and increasing my profile is proving quite difficult. Considering my followers on twitter are dwindling at a measly 180-190, I have started to give up on who wants to 'follow' me. Instead I turn my nose to the word and prefer 'fans', because I have a lot of those! Oh well the only thing to do is to carry on as I am. This morning the above banana bonanza happened! Once again I'm not the first ever food blogger to pull this recipe out the hat, however how good does it look? Exactly - scrummy.

No rocket science involved, just bananas, yoghurt and whatever fruit you have to hand.

 ▶ Tips on the perfect breakfast banana split:

1. Ripe bananas
2. Thick luscious Greek yoghurt, preferably with honey. Keep in the fridge until you have to scoop it on.
3. Chopped walnuts, Brazil nuts, raisins, or any other dried fruit and nut would accompany this well.
4. Dark chocolate ONLY. Or if there is a healthy chocolate spread use that instead.
5. Get the kids involved and make breakfast fun. Funny faces, boats, banana split sandwiches - let them get creative.

I have invested in another massive reduced batch of fresh cherries and will be experimenting tonight what to do with the super plump balls of gorgeousness. Any suggestions? Keep an eye on this space to see what I conjure up.xx