15 July 2012

Herby Kiev

Still got The Monkees on, they are making the pitter-patter of rain bearable...

Gosh I flipping love chicken. What do you think of the above picture? Yay or nay? The problem I had with trying to establish a good angle and shot at the kiev was that the butter was beautifully oozing out. Very delicious to smell but unfortunately the holes started to look empty as my filling consisted of chili, lime and garlic butter. I think if I used fresh coriander there would be more bulk to the filling. Definitely a mistake I won't make next time. Anyway I still wanted to show you my first attempt and the variety of gorgeous flavours I used. Making a video was not an option due to my mismatch laid back Sunday outfit.

The chicken kiev, where did it come from? Why is it still here and how on earth do you recreate this at home? With so many questions that I still don't know the answers too I can only tell you preparing the dish was easy! Wiki sources tell us the dish was originally from Ukraine or Moscow, also that it was Marks and Spencer's first ready meal! Crazy to think this bashed, stuffed breast has made a place on our plates. 

 ▶ Right here is how I made the tangy and spicy version:

To feed 2:

2 large organic chicken breasts
3 slices wholemeal bread
2 fresh mint leaves
Fresh coriander
60g unsalted butter at room temperature
1 lime
1 fat garlic clove crushed and chopped.
2 dried chillies, de-seeded and finely chopped.
Plain flour
1 egg
Olive oil

Rice/salad/mash/wedges to serve.


: First make the filling by mashing the butter, garlic, chilli and zest from the whole lime. Put in a piping bag and refrigerate.
: Make the breadcrumbs by blitzing the bread, mint leaves and a small handful of fresh coriander in a blender. In a shallow plate whisk the egg, in another plate pour the breadcrumbs.
: Next you have a few options, you could butterfly the chicken, cover it in cling film and bash it with a rolling pin. OR be like me and opt for a cheeky shortcut and make a slanted incision through the breast, then with your finger check there is a lot of space.
Preheat oven to 200°c.
: Pipe the butter in the chicken.
: Seal the edges then cover in flour, dip in egg and roll it in breadcrumbs.
: Fry for 3 minutes on each side and bake for 15 minutes.

Place on kitchen roll and that's it! Obviously if you're not going to display the kiev like above then continue with this recipe. Otherwise I would chop more fresh coriander and incorporate this into the butter.


Not ashamed of blogging about mistakes or mishaps, we all make them and ultimately choose to learn from them.

Have a great start to the week.xx