7 July 2012

Italiano Egg


'Black Light' by Diagrams

How embarrassing, there I was tweeting away about Jamie Oliver carrying the torch and it wasn't him after all, he was further up the road! It was still an inspirational David Pickup who ran well considering the downpour. I started to feel like I got stood up, similar to a feeling many years ago at the cinema, yes that's right he who must not be named left me standing like a hard rocky candy in Cineworld. Gutted. To top that I messed up four poached eggs- FOUR! Not sure what was going on, now if in doubt with poaching I'm totally baking instead.

Moving onwards and upwards to yet another baked egg phenomenon, yes I basically cracked an egg in a mushroom with two of my favourite Italian herbs, basil and oregano. Totally worth blogging and ranting about, because it tastes so damn good. Please watch, listen, laugh a bit and give this a go. Obviously mushrooms don't float everyone's boat so try a red pepper or another vegetable that will maintain its shape once baked.

The earliest memory I have of eggs was after school when I would watch my grandma put them in meat curry, she would keep the shell ON, let them boil and when it came to eating we had to peel them. A messy business but there was something quite special about peeling the egg amongst the meaty soup. These days I find the cracking of eggs occur on a Thursday when I'm near the end of my tether and itching for the weekend to kick in. A cheap, healthy and wholesome ingredient which blesses most of my breakfasts.

Get baking for breakfast!

Have a great weekend.


Next week, I'm hitting the sweet spot and getting a tad scientific by attempting to make SWEETS.