25 July 2012

Mint Chocolate Mousse Cones

'Hits Of The 70's' by Various Artists

The word 'oven' now makes me sweat, actually my hands feel a bit buttery after typing the word. The weather in London has taken a sunny turn and the streets of Hackney are booming with denim cut off shorts and male bare chests. God I love the sunshine! This morning I scampered to the supermarket to buy a few boxes of wafer cup cones, they were selling rapidly and I had to stock up. I decided to try my hand again at mousse but this time with the basic two ingredients - eggs and chocolate. Ages ago I made chocolate mousse, now since the weather is urging me to eat ice cream as a snack it was time to revisit the bad boy recipe. What I did was use less of each ingredient because sweet lady of Liberty cannot see me looking like an Oompa Loompa. Once I filled each cone with the gooey gorgeous mixture of naughtiness, I decided to be a true 80's chick and strap on an old school boom box on my bike and run errands that lasted three hours!

A rare sighting of no food in this photo! My lovely brother bought this treasure from a car booty and it had an amazing cassette already in. While cycling back home through London Fields 'Hot Stuff' by Donna Summer came on and as well as cringing and looking like a sweaty beetroot, I cycled that bit harder to make sure no more raised eyebrows darted my way. The strap was pressed on the play button, and whenever I turned the volume down I would end up cycling into a tree. Well anyway this old school method is a lot safer than wearing headphones!

Right this mousse was not the same texture as the last one I made. So it's still work in progress, therefore no recipe on this post. The cones got a bit soft after three hours due to the  moisture in the fridge. Obviously they look lovely and still taste great but not something I would present to guests as a mousse.

Hmmm does anyone have any suggestions about the perfect chocolate mousse?

Donna Hay suggests cream and butter.
Annie Bell goes with the basic eggs and chocolate.
Green and Blacks opt for cream.

Time to experiment a bit more.

Favourite songs on the boom box:

ê 'Hot Stuff' by Donna Summer
'Lady Marmalade' by La Belle