2 August 2012

4 Is The Magic Number

'channel ORANGE' by Frank Ocean

Finally in front of the Mac. I've been wanting to blog for such a long time, fortunately lots is happening and it's all go in the production and catering world! Plus a bike accident and a punch in the nose have hit me hard this week! 
For those who are not familiar with the ups, downs, rants and creative spurts on this blog I have to reiterate, especially on this post that I love putting my hand to something and flipping the script. As a part time job I am a nanny and have sole charge of a now four year old beauty, she has picked up my creative streak and is just as crazy as me! During the day if we find a massive piece of polystyrene on the streets I take it in and let the little one paint it, once a giant lollipop was made with a massive branch attached. No wonder she once decorated a bush with tennis rackets then started to paint the leaves! As much as I (like most people) have testing days with work, I enjoy it and continue to do my best.  Anyway for the little girl's birthday I surpassed myself and designed the above.


All the kids were in awe, and actually most of the parents were too! Smarties don't need to be flat down on a cake, on a soft frosting they stand upright perfectly. This cake has a triple sponge, two are meringue based, and the top is a normal vanilla sponge, filled with mascarpone and strawberry jam, the frosting was cream cheese, butter cream and a dash of pink colouring. I know these cakes might look all E-numbered up but this one is not that bad, after all 99% is home made and no one will object to that!

Here are a few tips when making and creating this sort of mammoth cake:

Patience - all three sponges have to be cold, I left them in the tin ran a knife round the edges and then put them in the fridge.
Presentation - decorate just before presenting and take your time, looking good is key when it comes to cake.
Persevere - when putting sponges together and sandwiching with chosen filling, the cake won't look that pretty. This doesn't mean it is a disaster, keep at it and take care when spreading frosting all over the cake. With a cream cheese covering it is best to keep in the fridge until you are ready to decorate. Use a butter knife or even better a cake palette knife.

My hands are battered and dry, I think finally a night in with a hot cup of milk and Frank Ocean is in need. Keep an eye on my twitter, I have had another genius food wave and it will be spread all over here very soon.

Favourite song:

ê 'Forrest Gump'