18 August 2012

Biscuit Themed Cupcakes

You are looking at jammie dodgers, hobnobs, chocolate digestives, cookies and mini oreos. All on their own signature sponge and my rather dodgy home made usherette tray.

Watch and don't judge the frizzy state of my hair!


'21' by Adele

Aren't these cupcakes just to die for! This is not a long post as the video with my chunky swept fringe explains everything. Mini versions of biscuits are available at large supermarkets and are normally used in lunch boxes, they are perfect to put on cakes, this way you can scoop butter cream without getting your mouth dirty. I would suggest to put them on last due to some of them getting a tad soft. Also in the video I showed you this:

I struggle and stress all the time packing cakes BUT this plastic fruit thing (will look into proper term soon) has been my saviour. I would recommend this in a box and the cupcakes fit and stayed securely(even muffin size) A fantastic and economical way instead of buying cake boxes just to transfer, obviously these are just pretty for transportation, still invest in cake boxes for customers.

One of my favourite images so far.

Favourite Song:

ê 'I'll be waiting'