11 August 2012

Honeycomb Cone

♬ 'Dare' by The Human League

These are the things dreams are definitely made of, a crunchy candy cone which can be made at home in less than ten minutes. There comes a time when I do doubt if I can still pull something creative out the bag in todays food industry, and this my friends is a lesson. Never doubt yourself! So far this month has been about testing, applying generous amounts of sun cream, eating ice cream every second day and pushing boundaries in all aspects of my crazy life.

Right I bet you are wondering how to make the above? I'm smiling and in fact wish I made a video, unfortunately at the time my outfit was one of those never to be seen by anyone else apart from housemates. You know the tracksuit bottoms and stripey t shirt that only should be worn indoors or maybe a quick two minute sprint (Usian Bolt style) to the corner shop. Basically videos can only be made if I look good! Clearly this paragraph has gone off course and I will have to start a new one more linked to the matter in my hand...

Honeycomb CONE

Bees build it, humans steal honey from it and I will tell you how to make it without getting stung. Still this post is about how to manipulate the honeycomb when it is nearly setting, not so much the recipe. There are loads of recipes online that say add water, many teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda etc. Personally science was never my strongest subject at school but I do know that bicarbonate of soda is pure sodium bicarbonate and used because it creates carbon dioxide in the mixture and expands when at a high temperature, whereas baking powder contains cream of tartar and acts as a drying agent, best to use in biscuits than honeycomb. There you go science lesson over!

Honeycomb to make 4 cones the same size as above.


80g soft butter
160g brown soft sugar
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 tbsp golden syrup

Melted dark chocolate
Ice cream

You will need:
Pizelle cone roller (not that important I first twirled them by hand)
Greaseproof paper
Extra butter
1 removable cake base 18cm.


: Cut out 4 circles from greaseproof paper, the same size as cake base.
: On a large baking tray line them up and brush a bit more butter on top of the circles.
: In a saucepan with a pouring tip add the butter, sugar and syrup.
: Boil on a constant high heat for 4-5 minutes until there are no sugar lumps and bubbles are golden brown.
: Take off the heat and add bicarbonate of soda and stir until mixture expands and gets frothy.
Pour onto each each circle and spread with a  small palette knife, making sure to work quickly!
Then leave them to set in the kirchen for 2 minutes. Be careful when touching to see if they are soft.
Next put the cone roller on top of one circle and slowly roll into shape, pulling away the paper and pushing slowly. Squeeze the end tip so there won't be a hole for ice cream to escape.
: Once all four are done, dip in melted chocolate and other decorations and refrigerate until chocolate has cooled and honeycomb is hard. 
: Store in an airtight container for two days only, to hold cut a square piece of greaseproof paper and wrap around the bottom.

To display use a spice rack, or alternatively if you do have a test tube holder get that involved.


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