30 August 2012

NYC - SoHo To NoHo

♬ 'Hangin Tough' by New Kids On The Block
They were on at a bar called Catch and that's when I knew it was going to be a good holiday.

Last week I submerged myself into what can only be described as foodie heaven, the city I will be bragging on about for the next couple of minutes is New York. From SoHo to NoHo I dipped into the boudoirs of amazing, hidden establishments, spotted a few familiar faces and dined like I was already an A -list celebrity, chances are I might just make it to class B! Now as a keen food writer, photographer and a lover of Iphone apps I deferred from taking too many pictures in restaurants; it's not actually cool and I didn't want to look too much like a tourist and food blogger: saying that I wore stars and stripes every day (with style).

Here a few sneaky pics which I couldn't help but take on the lowdown.

Honestly every place I ate, drank and sat in New York made me want to drop everything in London and immigrate, and I mean eating...

Fish at Crave,
Sushi at Toy Bar,
Kung Pao monkfish in Buddakan, (by far the BEST meal I've ever had to date)
Bacon flavoured cocktails at a speak easy (shhh)
Buckwheat blueberry pancakes at Grand Central Station,
Cakes from Crumbs and Magnolia Bakery,
Taco's in Williamsburg.

The list can go on, fortunately for you I stopped listing after about two days into the trip as I couldn't keep track! To balance the heavy eating and drinking everyday I couldn't help but go to Bikram yoga and experience the NYC version of these twenty six sweaty postures. While holding the triangle pose which is extremely difficult and at this point sweat was dripping from my ear lobe, the teacher made us all sing a birthday song to a student. Classic. Happy Belated Birthday Cathy. 

You know what I did miss - BAKED BEANS. As a staple in my life and a blessing on my breakfast plate every weekend, I felt a bit weird not having them around or you know just knowing they are nearby. Apart from that brunch in New York is massive, plus the New Yorkers make (excuse the next phrase) the meanest next level pancakes. Now obviously this trip has inspired me to create, adapt and transform classics into legendary Mita recipes, so watch out for the next few weeks of pancakes, muffins, brownies, pretzels, pizzas, burgers and complaints about my weight.

The question that cropped up every day was, 'could I live here?' and the answer was 'yes but I would never cook!', however it would be a great place to be filmed about my food experiences.
Good Morning New York Show in Times Square.

Or even setting up my own cake shop. dot dot dot.

All that's left to type is this - the men were of a high calibre and definitely on par with the standard of exquisite food. Amen to NYC.

Favourite Song:

ê 'You Got It (The Right Stuff)'